Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tonagura! ... is delayed :(

So, my plan was to use these raws for Tonagura!, and I've gone ahead and done the necessary OP/ED karaoke, retiming, typesetting, styling, and editing for the first episode. But then I muxed everything up to do a test watch, and that's where the trouble began. Long story short: it's kind of a mess. Everything seems to start and end two frames early, even though I painstakingly scene-timed everything. Most panning movements look jerky, which wreaks havoc with any of my attempts at complicated \move or frame-by-frame typesetting. I could try shifting everything a few frames forward, but that could just as easily create other timing issues. I blame bad encoding/framerate issues. So unfortunately, I'm going to have to declare these raws unreleasable for the time being, and call for outside assistance. I'm wondering if anyone can...

A) Seed the HKG DVD-rips, so I can try my luck with them, or
B) Do new encodes from DVD .iso for me.

Since I do have all 13 episodes transcribed and styled, I'll keep working on the subs with the raws I have. If no new encodes become available to me, I'll see about making the subs available for someone to use in the future. In the meantime, there are other shows I can work on while I'm getting over this (hopefully temporary) setback.


  1. i only have this [HKG][Tonagura][DVDRIP][01][864x480][CHS_CHT][H.264_HE-AAC].mkv. Do u mind?

  2. well, i found another raw, from Russian forum. they said it is encoded by someone from i will try to get it and compare later

  3. I have the ISOs, I'll make new encodes for you.

  4. HKG Tonagura complete...

  5. hey zalis, i got all the tonagura hkg raws 9gb for u as thanks for u hosting the touka gettan on nyaa instead of bakabt.
    send me mail to
    and keep this phrase in mind but dont mention it in the email:

  6. uhm actually since u have the chance to get fresh encodes from kaishakunin and he already sent u links? guess you got what you need :) if ya still interested in the hkg, send mail but i believe fresh encodes are better escp since i got none of the extras which kaishakunin can provide u with his discs