Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hiatus: The Return

I'll be leaving town for the weekend, and won't be back until Monday night. I wanted to get more Touka Gettan out this week, but I decided to put my energy into finishing Pretty Cure Splash Star instead. But TG 4 has been retimed, and is currently in editing. So I should be able to get a few eps out next week before I leave town again for an anime convention. Time permitting, I'll try to release a few first episodes of other projects like Rizelmine and To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ as well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Touka Gettan 03 - Wincest for the... win?

Back when it aired, this episode raised some eyebrows (among other things) over a few select scenes. But really, that stuff is just business as usual for Touka Gettan. The primary focus of the episode is on the elements that lead into episode 02, ranging from the gravely-important concert preparations to what Momoka has for a latenight snack. And remember, Yurika is the scythe-wielding vampire catgirl; Yuriko is Yumiko's mother. I think Serin mixed up the names a few times, but I can't fault them -- I remember being confused on them myself when I first watched the series. Be patient with my slow upload speed, and enjoy:

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Sidenote: The timing on this show would be so much easier to check if the characters didn't whisper all the time. It's enough to make me appreciate subbing Magical Girl shows all the more. After all, they have so much dialogue consisting of distinctive and yelled power-ups, attack calling, "We'll never give up!!", etc.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Touka Gettan 02 - Don't die, monster! You belong in this world!

The good thing about working on Touka Gettan is that most of the scripts are pretty short -- several don't even break 200 lines before I add the OP/ED/episode titles in. (An average 25-minute anime episode will have 300-400 lines of dialogue.) However, what Touka Gettan lacks in "lines per minute" density, it makes up for in difficulty. So just an advance warning, there's probably still some guesslation in this episode, either Serin's or mine. The translations for Makoto's song at 14:00 are all-new for this release. Luckily, the most confusing eps are these first few. And if you liked the Momoka X Makoto scenes in this episode, just wait until ep 03.

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Strawberry 100% OVAs 01-03

A few more episodes from the never-imitated, often-equaled Strawberry 100% franchise have come out from MDC.
EDIT 7-5-10:
OVA 01 features a disastrously hectic attempt to prepare for the Cultural Festival, which introduces another "refers to self in 3rd person" girl, named Chinami. Also, all the girls except Aya get abducted or chased away by schoolboy would-be gang-raepists. But I'm sure there's no way Junpei and Aya will get trapped in a passionate, compromising position, or nearly "caught in the act" by the rest of the Film Club. Didn't they learn their lesson in OVA 00? (Somewhat grounded in chapter 81 or so of the manga.)

OVA 02 (screenshot above) has our brave hero on a brave yet gratuitous infiltration mission. For being set at Yui's school, this episode has a severe shortage of Yui. Yui won't forgive those who take away her screen time! Otoh, we get to see Ran Kotobuki Tsukasa Nishino saving the day. (Based on manga chapters 58-60)

OVA 03 is a completely original story with no basis in the manga at all, which complicated the TL checking for both me and dp. Some lines were way off base, particularly one where a character used "Mademoiselle." As usual, there's absolutely no worthwhile story progression in this episode. But you do get some panchira and cosplay exhibitionism for your viewing pleasure.

Final note: the folks at Viz, who are releasing the manga in the U.S., have begun streaming Strawberry 100% TV. So if you want a legitimate, ad-supported viewing option, it's out there. Frankly I think the subs leave a little to be desired; at least I didn't have any embarrassing English errors like "You're was the one who fell on me."