Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soul Link 12 - It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

The space station is plummeting into the atmosphere. Our kid heroes have been through a lot, but now they must escape. Yet one of their own is still trapped, with a sadistic, immortal woman who can regenerate from any damage standing in their way. Do they have any means to defeat her, short of summoning mold spores and a meteor shower? And with some Skura-enhanced soldiers still roaming around, can everyone survive the arduous journey to freedom? Get ready for some tender reunions and bitter separations in the twelfth and final episode of Soul Link.

Although some flaws (in animation, pacing, and science) became more apparent in the second viewing, I still liked this show and enjoyed working on it. But then again, I'm liable to like almost anything with "based on game containing lots of cute girls" in its premise. And to complete the Navel trilogy, it's time for me to start watching We Without Wings on Funi.

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P.S. Check out the script for ep 12 to see how I used physics to prove one of Yesy's lines wrong.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonagura! 13 - Leaving on a Jet Plane

^ What I sometimes felt like while working on this show. I kid, I kid! As much as Ryoumi's subs went against my preferences, they were competent overall. I'd say they had fewer mistranslations and timing glitches than the early episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite that I've been working on. And now, the tremendously complex task of imitating, correcting, and improving Ryoumi's Tonagura! subs has come to an end.

In the final episode, Kazuki is wracked with guilt and regret as Yuuji and Marie prepare to end their all-too-brief return to Japan. Will this be a case of "Love will keep us together," or "Parting is such sweet sorrow"? And will there be a conclusive ending to the story, or will things stay almost completely open because the manga is *still* ongoing?

Once again, thanks go to Kaishakunin of Jumonji-Giri for encoding this show and saving us all from glitchy, bloated share raws. Special thanks also to Seal and Kaito for their work on the Russian subs, which enabled me to reproduce Ryoumi's subs without resorting to "brute-force" transcription. Next up on the agenda: Rizelmine and Lime-iro Senkitan, or "Lime-Colored War Tales" as I'll be calling it.

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P.S. You can also find copies of the original Ryoumi subs at the scripts link.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonagura! v2s - You were my favorite mistake

So, since I waited a week and didn't hear about any more major errors, I've gone ahead and corrected some issues that I knew to exist with some episodes. I certainly didn't mean to v2 half the show, but the pursuit of perfection sometimes runs across some bumps in the road. So now that this is done, I'll go ahead and get ep 13 finished up.

Eps 1&2 -- Fixed styling errors, scene bleeds, flicker, an error [our -> your) in the ED karaoke, and a few wording issues. (I originally released these before I started more exacting post-TLC/editing scrutiny of the video start and end of every line in Aegisub)

Eps 5,6, &8 -- Corrected "Yuuji" to "Yuu-chin" when Chihaya says his name, plus a few
lines of karaoke in ep 08 that were off by a frame. (I originally stated my misgivings about this in the episode 06 post, so now I've gone through and changed them. Eps 9+ already used Yuu-chin.)

Ep 12 -- Corrected one sign that stayed on screen too long. (This was a sign I added after noticing it was missing during my final QC watch, so I didn't check to make sure I set the right end time.)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonagura! Extras Package

Since Tonagura! is almost complete, here's a collection of extras that I'd been holding back from you all. Well, not really -- I waited until I had episode 13 timed, which includes karaoke timing and lyrics editing for the second ED. You will notice that there are 13 OP files, despite there being only one opening song. However, alert viewers who didn't chapterskip the OP in every file will notice that the 13 OPs show off a different variety of Kazuki pantsu in every episode. (Image is from Episode 10.)

Only the two endings and OP 1 have softsubbed karaoke; the rest are raw. And with timing on ep 13 out of the way, that only leaves 1 episode's worth of editing, typesetting, style-checking, and QC to go. Even with some simplifications from the Ryoumi originals, this has been a highly complex project. So if you've spotted any major subtitling errors in previous episodes, now's the time to tell me. That way, I can correct and patch them for the batch. I am aware of a mistimed sign in ep 12, and of several mistakes in ep 02.

Same goes for Soul Link; ep 12 will be coming soon, so let me know about any mistakes you've seen. Although, that show's subtitles were simple enough that I likely caught any significant errors during QC. Or so I hope.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soul Link 11 - Great Escape, or Greatest Escape?

Another spotlight on eyecatch art, this one taken before Sayaka fades in and takes over 2/5 of the picture. In Soul Link 11, Aries is rapidly falling without style, and it's going to be a hot time in the old town tonight if the station fully enters the atmosphere. In episode 10, the gang discovered a means of escape, but getting there is going to be half the fun and 3/4 the hardship. There's plenty of fast running, heavy shooting, deft piloting, and heroic sacrificing going on. Ikinobiru koto ga dekiru ka?!

I should've gotten this out last night, especially since a sizable percentage of the lines are simple phrases like Yes/Roger/No/Hurry/You okay?. But, I got distracted reading about the grim future of video gaming. Good thing I don't own any consoles made after 2000, or play any PC games modern enough to require more than an 800x600 display. So none of that "you don't actually own this game, you have to pay us monthly forever" crap for me.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonagura! 12 - Go mad from the revelation

Well, I don't know if staying sober for an entire weekend helped me get Tonagura! 12 out any faster or in any better quality, but here it is either way. First off, enjoy a highlight of this show's lovely eyecatch art. But the main story in this episode concerns Yuuji's very dramatic change in personality. Is this truly a farewell to perversion and a farewell to arms? Of course, the "arms" in question are Marie's firearms, which are getting rusty to the detriment of their owner. And later, Kazuki learns a shocking truth that she might have known all along.

Also, I was watching another show and found myself thinking, "Where else have I heard this guy playing a perverted/losery male character? Oh right, Yuuji from Tonagura!" The show: (Motto) To-Love-RU. The character: Kenichi Saruyama.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soul Link 10.5 - Subbing flashbacks has left me in despair!

I knew that this episode would pose a unique challenge when I started this show. Being largely composed of flashbacks, I had to track down which lines were from which episodes, and copy+paste them in accordingly so that the lines in 10.5 would stay consistent with my edits from earlier episodes. Not to mention all the overlapping narration + flashback dialogue that proved tougher to time. But I got through it, so you all can enjoy one of the better, more informative recap episodes out there. I also did a little something with the styling to distinguish between narration and standard dialogue. More notes on the format of this release and the included extras can be found in the .txt file in the folder.

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Also, I did a slight site redesign, because the old format was looking too narrow even on my ancient monitor. Also take note of the pages (such as "Requests"), many of which have been around for awhile.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tonagura! 11 - Stuck in the Friend Zone

Summer continues on Tonagura! 11 with an evening festival and fireworks displays, and love is in the air. Did I say "love"? Sorry, I meant "misunderstandings, stubbornness, and flashbacks." There's also a bath house scene... but no girls are involved.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Soul Link 10 - Gotta take an infodump

Now that we're 10 episodes into things, let's take stock. We have a group of teenagers that travel to a futuristic, isolated facility. Some of these teenagers are apparently parents to at least one other character. The facility is doomed to be destroyed within a specific time frame. A mysterious girl with mysterious powers appears out of nowhere. There's some kind of virus/cell that grants its infectees amazing powers of regeneration, or effectively makes them immortal.

Yes, we can conclude that Soul Link is Ever 17 IN SPACE!! No, I'm not the first person to make that comparison.

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