Thursday, December 18, 2014

Saint October - Batches

As promised awhile back, here are a bunch of v2s for the entire first half of Saint October. If you were satisfied with the initial releases, there's nothing extremely major about these corrections. Just stuff along the lines of:

* Fixing mislabeled chapters in eps 2-9 (I'd accidentally copypasta'd the ep 01 chapters, which had a prologue before the OP)
* Minor typesetting improvements in eps 1-7 (adding extra layers and blur to satisfy the communist typesetting overlords)
* Styling consistency changes (setting a few lines to "Thought" and "Narration" like I did in later episodes)
* Terminology/consistency edits (taking a long time to edit subs from multiple groups can introduce errors)
* Other minor edits, mainly to add just a little more lulz here and there
* Minor timing splits/joins, plus some linebreak changes
* Edgeblur on the ED subs for no real reason other than "while I'm in here makin' some changes..."

The second half will have at least some v2s, though probably not for every episode. If I've missed anything significant or added any stupid typos while editing, please let me know so I can do v3s; I did not rewatch these for the batch upload. (EDIT: found a screwup -- accidentally used the ep 09 chapters for eps 10-13v2. v3 patches linked below.)

01-13v2 Torrent || 01-13v2 Patches || 10-13v3 Patches
14-26v2 Torrent || 14-26v2 Patches || All Patches (alt link)

Complete Series Batch (BakaBT)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Mizuiro Jidai 10 - Is Friendship Magic?

In its 10th episode, Mizuiro Jidai has reached the characters' 2nd year of middle school, and the fallout from the change in class rosters is a disaster of tectonic proportions. Though I can see where Yuuko's coming from in feeling distressed; I was fortunate enough to be in the gifted/differentiated/whatever track, and had many of the same people in my classes from elementary school to high school. It was only in the lousy "Gen Pop" required classes that I had to watch out for the bullies and the thugs.

Anyway, as promised at the outset, this project is now Dropped -- it was only ever meant to fill in a softsubbed/.mkv re-release of Lunar's subs for the episodes that Kiteseekers didn't release. You can get the rest of the episodes here. I think I will continue to watch the series, at least until the main story ends and the Memorial recaps begin. Though the moralizing and over-simplicity of everything do make for a slow watch, which probably also played a part in the slow releases. At any rate, I hope these 10 files help a few people enjoy Mizuiro Jidai a little better than they would have otherwise.

Episode 10 Torrent || 1-10 Batch + Extras

Since some take issue with KiteSeekers' hardsubbed karaoke, I've created separate softsubbed files for the opening and both endings so that you can watch them without subs if you wish. These are not "segment-linked" and are not necessary to download if you don't want to. OP/ED1 have karaoke since I k-timed them for my older releases of eps 1-4, but ED2 only has simple English/romaji.