Monday, September 30, 2013

Saint October 15 - Lolis Don't Fear the Reaper

No confrontation with the forces of Reverse this time around, but we do get a glimpse far back into Misaki's past. But even with Kafka out of the picture, Saint October's love for ambiguously-gendered characters still goes on. I must be slipping a bit; I let a couple mistakes like "everyday" and "alright" slip through editing to the final round of QC. But rest assured that everything's fixed to the best of my ability, whatever that ability may be.

Torrent [CRC=9E3C06DC] || AoG Patch

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol Batch

By somewhat popular request, here's a batch torrent for Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol. I was thinking about doing a complete v2 batch with the .wmv raws I managed to get from area raw, but... like these AME rips, they're wrongly 30fps. It's a shame, because the bitrate in the .wmvs is a bit better and they're anamorphic, but the wrong framerate pushes them into "not worth it" territory. So again, if anyone has access to the .isos and wants to use my subs for new encodes with the right framerate, you're welcome to them. (Just be prepared for lots of little timing adjustments, I suppose.)

So since the only significant error I've noticed was a minor consistency flub in ep 01 that I bet most people won't see, I've decided to go ahead and do a batch. (Maybe there's some insert karaoke fade errors in ep 09, but I don't remember and don't feel like checking.)

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Memories Off 2nd 01 - Summer Never Dies

Here's something I've had kicking around for awhile; as promised awhile back, I will be releasing all of the Memories Off OVAs, and this begins the second series. Enjoy the beginnings of a summer love triangle, though I imagine things don't feel so rushed in the original game. Speaking of games, you can also enjoy this episode as a drinking game: take a drink every time Hotaru asks, "Ken-chan, do you like/love me?" Subs are a combination of Anime-Faith's and Anime-Influx's subs, plus the usual edits and changes on my part. Styling matches what I used on the 1st Memories Off OVA.

10-bit Batch (Nyaa) || 10-bit Batch (BakaBT) || 8-bit Batch (Nyaa)