Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mizuiro 2003 02 - One Ring to Rule Them All

And now, as a special Valentine's Day present to all you other potentially-romance-deprived viewers out there, I give you the exciting conclusion of the Mizuiro OVA. Minds are made up to confront present feelings and past mistakes, with Hiyori's tenuous existence possibly fading fast. Overall, it's a short, sweet, and touching little series that I had no problem going back to for a third time.

Ep 02 Torrent || Batch (Nyaa) ||

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mizuiro 2003 01 - Trapped in the Closet II

This is yet another project I'd had sitting around for awhile; I'd thought that TSunDere was going to do it, but IIRC it got removed from their projects list. So here it is, the story of an average schoolboy, his younger sister, and their long-lost childhood friend who comes out of the a closet, with her memories stuck in the past. What happened to her, and what will happen between the three of them?

The video encode for this release comes via files shared by folks from Spanish subbing group EUR in the shoutbox, while the FLAC audio comes from a Chinese-subbed rip that I was going to use, until I obtained EUR's files and realized that they had far better detail/texture retention. English subtitles come from Miyuki-Fansubs (which was considerably more available when I first watched this OVA in 2006 than it is today), and No Name Losers (which I rewatched in 2010, and is currently on BakaBT), with the usual edits and corrections. The group with the most accurate translations or best-phrased writing seemed to change from line to line, but I think I combined the best of both releases while making improvements of my own. If you extract the script and open it in Aegisub, you can see some of the background notes that Miyuki-Fansubs had in their release, as well as comments (usually within {}, not as separate comment lines) on TL errors in the original subs and how I fixed them.

Ep 01 Torrent || Batch (Nyaa) ||