Friday, December 23, 2011

Rizelmine 14 - Secret Agent Girl

Yes, they've given her a number and taken away her name, not that her name didn't sound dubious to begin with. Rizel undertakes a risky commando mission as a preliminary to her date with Tomonori, which was arranged under false pretenses in the previous episode. After the somewhat-depressing aging montage in 13, things take a downright sad turn this time around.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lime Colored War Tales OVA Episode I - The Pantsu Menace

As promised, here is the first part of the two-episode OVA, Lime-iro Senkitan - Nankoku Yume Roman. After the fierce battle at the end of the TV series, the battered Amanohara is desperately in need of repairs... oh, ya know what, screw it. Festivals, yukata, swimsuits, and other silliness are what this episode is about. There's some effort by Shintarou to keep things serious and create some amount of story, but he's helpless in the face of marriage fantasies and nopan action. Oh, and there's also some crossover with characters from Lime-Iro Ryuukitan X Cross to set up the sequel.

The format of this release is going to be a little different. Rather than wmv raws, this is a new encode from R2JDVD .iso by Kaishakunin. So there's a bit of an upgrade to h264, 700x476 (anamorphic 4:3), and 2.0 AC3 audio. Translations are from Static-Subs, as they were the only group to sub the OVA. You'll have your choice of two subtitle tracks:

Track 1: Static-Subs styling, color-coded by speaker.
Track 2: ANBU-AonE color scheme, same as what I used in the TV series. The only difference is that there's no onscreen/offscreen style changes -- I won't take the time to do those unless the original subs had them.

Obviously there's no censorship differences or new scenes this time, since Static's releases were also DVD-rips. So this is mainly an upgrade from hardsubbed XviD/avi to softsubbed h264/mkv. And there are some subtitle improvements, though the originals weren't bad.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rizelmine 13 - I'm Getting Older, Too

It's time to get underway with the second season of Rizelmine, which aired in Fall 2002 after a 3-month break between episodes 12 and 13. In ep 12, we caught a brief glimpse of a non-loli Rizel, and we're going to see more of that this time around. There's also some "boobs in your face," and a surprisingly depressing fantasy sequence right after the OP. And just like in Hollywood, fountains in parks always respond to romantic moments. Maybe it's a system similar to the Buffalo Wild Wings button?

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This episode features the first use of the 2nd ED, so be sure to keep that file in the same folder. Also, marvel at my song-syllable-counting skills.