Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saint October 07 - Xtreme Speed Dating Challenge

This episode features one of the most hilarious uses of typical Magical Girl transformation/attack sequences I've ever seen. But leave it to Saint October to always be mixing things up. No, the main story in episode 7 concerns some romantic misunderstandings and a figure from Joshua and Koutarou's past, seen above. On other matters, I attempted to integrate some of the Commie/Underwater "Fansub 2.0" typesetting techniques outline here for signs in this episode. Let me know if I'm doing it wrong, or if there's even any noticeable difference.

Torrent [CRC=F1DC0BEE]

Also, if you're gearing up for the Christmas holidays in the US, I recommend showing support for low-wage/exploited retail workers by NOT shopping tonight or early tomorrow morning. And hopefully there's enough labor unrest and mass chaos at the Mart of Wal to show the President Kurtzes down in Arkansas that they need to change their ways.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lovely Idol 06 - Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double

We're back with Lovely Idol episode 06, where the gang meets up with the "Piccolo" duo from Lovedol Gen-2. But it's no ordinary introduction, as mischief, mayhem, and explosions are the order of the day. And as a special bonus, Shizuku (right, pink hair) is played by the incomparable Rie Kugimiya, in this case closer to her Rizel mode than to Shana/Louise/Aria/etc. Hibiki (left, green hair and "quad-eyes") is played by the lesser-known Akiko Kobayashi; among her few roles is Momo from Shinigami's Ballad. But despite all the wacky hijinx, there might be *gasp* actual plot brewing in the background, and even a cliffhanger.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

As always, I didn't intend for this long of a gap between releases... but as always around this time of year, I've been busy with staffing work for Anime NebrasKon, on top of some real-world "work." I've also been battling some wrist/joint pain that interferes with fansubbing work. Let's just hope it's not carpal tunnel syndrome or whatever, as my sorry non-health-insured self certainly can't afford any surgery. But things should be cleared up for more releases in the next few weeks, both of Saint October/Lovely Idol and possibly a few other things.