Friday, November 25, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 13 - The Landslide Brought me Down

It's been another lengthy journey on another short show, but here we are at the epic last episode of Lime-Colored War Tales. The Amanohara and the Raimu Unit have reached the inner confines of the Lushun Fortress, and they're headed for a final showdown with Rasputin and his elite Tamers. What will become of Rasputin's ambitions? What will become of the love between Shintarou and Sophia? For that matter, what will become of the love between... every non-Shikigami female in this series and Shintarou? And last but not least, will the animation crew find ways to insert pantyshots, brashots, and boobs into an otherwise serious and emotional episode? I think we all know the answer to that last one.

The 2-episode OVA is forthcoming; the sequel series, who knows?

New Scenes: None (ep 9's new scene truly was the last)
"Enhanced" Scenes:
1) 7:25~10:58 and onwards -- Sophia's outfit is a little more daring and a lot more baring. Frankly, I feel it sabotages some possibilities for genuine drama. The TV version at least keeps some semblance of respectability there.
2) 11:15 -- Very brief non-ecchi animation upgrade, replacing a still shot of Kinu's Raimu from the TV broadcast. There may have been others that I didn't notice.

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And in other business, there's only one v2 for this series, for episode 02. This patch corrects one single missing word, and nothing more. Thanks to Collectr for spotting it.

Ep 02v2 patch || Ep 02v2 Torrent [CRC=819603B3]

(Miscellaneous v2 matters follow)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rizelmine Season 1 Batch

As a little Thanksgiving present to you all, here's a batch with the first half of Rizelmine. I went ahead with this since nobody pointed out any mistakes that should've been fixed. If there are any, I'll see about fixing them when the show is complete.

Lime-Colored War Tales 13 is at the QC stage, so it'll be out before long as well. EDIT: Please use the complete series batches instead.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rizelmine 12 - A Test of Island Courage

For me, the last episode of Rizelmine's first season brings to mind countless 80s teen comedy movies, which inevitably ended with some sort of race or contest between the plucky underdog protagonist(s) and their rick jackass oppressors. But in this contest, a kiss and a legend of eternal happiness are on the line, and certain external factions are hell-bent on manipulating the results. I believe this episode also marks the onscreen debut of Rizel's trio of Mamas, who will have more of a role in the second season.

Again, if you've seen mistakes in any of these episodes so far, let me know and I'll see about fixing them for a season 1 batch.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 12 - Now I've Lost it, I Know I Can Kill

I'm back in action, and so are the diehard crew of the Amanohara. Unfortunately, there's trouble in the ranks, as Shintarou proves that love makes you crazy and evil. But really, what teacher hasn't once thought about going on a murderous rampage against his students? And once again, the creators were unable to find places to strategically subtract clothing or add random onanism scenes, so no new content in this episode.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temporary Lull

Sorry for the slowdown of releases lately, but I'm staffing a convention this weekend, and things have been busy doing all the last minute preparations and planning. Lime-Colored War Tales 12 just needs QC, so it'll be released early next week.