Friday, November 25, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 13 - The Landslide Brought me Down

It's been another lengthy journey on another short show, but here we are at the epic last episode of Lime-Colored War Tales. The Amanohara and the Raimu Unit have reached the inner confines of the Lushun Fortress, and they're headed for a final showdown with Rasputin and his elite Tamers. What will become of Rasputin's ambitions? What will become of the love between Shintarou and Sophia? For that matter, what will become of the love between... every non-Shikigami female in this series and Shintarou? And last but not least, will the animation crew find ways to insert pantyshots, brashots, and boobs into an otherwise serious and emotional episode? I think we all know the answer to that last one.

The 2-episode OVA is forthcoming; the sequel series, who knows?

New Scenes: None (ep 9's new scene truly was the last)
"Enhanced" Scenes:
1) 7:25~10:58 and onwards -- Sophia's outfit is a little more daring and a lot more baring. Frankly, I feel it sabotages some possibilities for genuine drama. The TV version at least keeps some semblance of respectability there.
2) 11:15 -- Very brief non-ecchi animation upgrade, replacing a still shot of Kinu's Raimu from the TV broadcast. There may have been others that I didn't notice.

TV Series & OVA Batch (Nyaa) || TV Series Batch (BakaBT) || Scripts+Fonts Archive

And in other business, there's only one v2 for this series, for episode 02. This patch corrects one single missing word, and nothing more. Thanks to Collectr for spotting it.

Ep 02v2 patch || Ep 02v2 Torrent [CRC=819603B3]

(Miscellaneous v2 matters follow)

I might've done a v2 for ep 01 as well, as I noticed a couple of styling errors while I was watching it at the convention (in a viewing room whose schedule I created -- self-promotion ftw), but a curious thing happened. For some reason, Aegisub was fine with opening the original wmv-encoded .avi raws. However, it wouldn't open the final-release .mkvs, even though I hadn't re-encoded or changed the video in any way. So working on the ep would've meant re-downloading the raw, and making a patch from raw -> v2 instead of v1 -> v2. And that's a lot of effort for some minor errors that nobody's pointed out. If you've spotted any other major errors (typos, lines mistimed, wrong words, OP/ED/TS styling used for dialogue), please let me know.


  1. How do you apply the patch file again?

  2. Here's a patch with a .bat, Minstrel.

  3. Congratulations on finishing Senkitan!

  4. Thanks for completing this :) I'm hoping for season 2 too..

  5. Finally!! Tha Rock has come back....oh wait sorry.
    Finally!! Lim-eIro Senkitan is finished.

  6. @animegio: Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this gem! Looking forward to the OVA and hoping for the 2nd series!