Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wind ~ A Breath of Heart 17 - You Belong to the City

After a long time without much required effort, I bring you the 17th and final episode of Wind ~ A Breath of Heart. (Episode is numbered 13 on AniDB and most sites.) This episode is a recap episode that mainly focuses on Makoto's and Minamo's relationship, rather than covering the entire story of the series. No doubt it caused some confusion when it aired at the end of the TV broadcast, as it includes some content from the DVD-only episodes 9.5/10 and 10.4/12 that no one had seen at that point.

Anyway, now that I've recovered from some mysterious post-holiday illness that had me running a fever of 102 (or 38.9 for those of you in the non-insane part of the planet) while trying to watch the Nanoha A's movie, maybe I can get to re-releasing another mid-00s VN adaptation and a couple of shorter OVA projects (including, perhaps, the Wind ~ A Breath of Heart OVA), as well as that pesky Mokke episode some have been asking about.

Ep 17 Torrent || Batch (Nyaa) || Ep 10v2 Patch

The v2 patch for episode 10 only changes the Next Episode title of ep 11 at the end of the episode.