Transcription Bank

(formerly the "projects" page, but I never kept it up to date)

Even when I'm not timing, editing, and actually releasing episodes, I'm frequently transcribing subtitles for various other series. This is a listing of scripts that I have; if you're interested in one of these series and want to collaborate on a release (e.g. I provide editing/TLC, you provide retiming/typesetting/QC/encode), let me know.

Completely transcribed:

Akane Maniax (A-L&A-Keep/Conclave)
Bartender (Lunar Anime)
Cosprayers (Triad)
Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten (Miyuki-Fansubs)
Full Moon wo Sagashite (a.f.k.)
G-On Riders (Mugen)
Guardian Hearts (Miyuki-Fansubs)
Happy Lesson Advance (Anime-Keep)
Happy Lesson Final (Static-Subs)
Hitohira (Starlight)
Itsumo Jungle wa Hare nochi Guu FINAL (AnimeYuki)
Izumo TV (Angelic-Anime, though I only had to transcribe the last 2 eps)
Kage Kara Mamoru!(Scramble!)
Kanon 2002 (AnimeINC&Anime-Fansubs)
Love Love? (Hell-Fansubs)
Sakura Wars Le Nouveau Paris (DigitalPanic)
Sakura Wars New York NY (1-2 Team RNA, 3-6 already softsubbed by dp)
Shuffle! Memories (Ayako)
Smash Hit! [Triad]
Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever (Triad)
Twin Spica (Anime-Fansubs)
Wind ~ a breath of heart ~ OVA (Static-Subs)

(Note: "complete" transcriptions do not include series where I was given scripts by people associated with the original fansubbers, or found them on various subtitle archive sites OCRed/transcribed entirely by someone else)

Partially transcribed:

D.Gray-Man 52-83* (Shinsen-Subs)
*1-51 were released in R1 by Funimation, and Shinsen released softsubbed .mkv versions of 84-103, so this is effectively complete)
Mama is a 4th Grader 1-5 (SD Project) - for possible translation project of remaining episodes, especially since timed scripts are available for most of the series.
Cutey Honey Flash TV 1-7 (Spork) - Same deal as above.


  1. Oh, you're planning to do Okusama wa Joshikousei.

    *stops looking for the ISO's and OCR'ing the Lime-subs version.

    I'll just wait for your version then :)

  2. I have Mamotte Shugogetten's ep 16 script.
    Just send an e-mail to daniel at koneko dot com dot br.
    Feel free to delete this post.

  3. Any way you could be talked into putting the 2nd season Lime-Colored War Tales on the list? I know we've talked about it before and it would be a lot of work but here's to hoping!

  4. mistake @Rizelmine 8 / 24 :
    Video: h264 7204x480 4:3 (should not be 7204 width). keep up good work ^^

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say that Soldado fansub is doing Full Moon, you might (that is, if you aren't already) want to join forces

    1. They've been doing it for 3 years? It's 2016 now... still nothing from Soldado... I have the raws and the original afk. If I were provided the transcriptions I would be willing to time them. Full Moon is one of my favourite series and only having poor quality subs is a real shame.

  6. Dear Sir, we've noticed that you have the transcription of Shuffle Memories and we want to translate it 'cause we have just finished translate the first series in BD. May you give us the subs of the above mentioned series? In exchange we could give you the complete italian typesetting of G-On riders and Okusama wa Joushikousei. If you are interested in, you can contact us at these email:

  7. I'm doing softs. on 18+, hardway but at least no errors. Just takes a lot of time, I wish someone could add a hand.