Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Strawberry 100% TV (Blu-Ray)

This isn't my release, just a little cross-promotion: Squiggy over at Tsundere-Rips has released a Blu-Ray version of Strawberry 100% TV 1-13. It's 960x720,* 10-bit(?), no OP/ED segment-linking, with FLAC audio just like the ReDone-MDC version. The subs are from my release, though edited in some way -- if I had to guess, maybe some of my more liberal lines have been changed? You may like it more, you may not, but I figured I'd at least make sure people knew their options. No Blu-Ray exists or has been announced for the Jump Festa or other OVAs, so no legitimate HD rips of them are possible for the time being.

*Remember, this show came out in 2005 and was made in 4:3; making the move to Blu-Ray doesn't magically make it 16:9.

Torrent (Nyaa) || BakaBT (not approved yet, get the Nyaa batch for now)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mizuiro Jidai 07 - The Perils of Ancient Technology

Hmm, I wonder what Takako's talking about... Anyway, this episode of Mizuiro Jidai features backstabbing, poor communication, and laziness from catty girls who make Yuuko do their dirty work for her. Also, enjoy the capsule of pre-cellphone life, when teenagers had to navigate landline etiquette to contact their friends. Can't say I miss those days. Curiously enough though, Japan did stick with fax machines much longer than the West did, perhaps due to input limitations for kanji and such.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Saint October 24 - Their Darkest Hour

In this antepenultimate episode of Saint October, it's probably much easier to count the characters who haven't betrayed the Goth Loli Detective Squad and their cause. But despite all the defeats and setbacks, our heroines and one of their adult sidekicks are ready to storm the castle for the final battle.

Torrent || AoG Patch

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saint October 23 - Don't Turn your Back on the City

The Reverse Company means business, and that business is all-out war, taking it straight to the home front of the Goth Loli Detective Squad and their supporters. With the whole city turned against them, will any stronghold be safe?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mizuiro Jidai 06 - Ghost writin'

I remember a post in the old LunarAnime forums about this show, saying that "it's the kind of show that makes you want to do something else while you're working on it." While there may be some truth to that, here's Mizuiro Jidai 06 nonetheless. Yuuko gets tapped to carry her the burden of her class's Culture Festival performance on her back, with a nagging older sister behind her all the way.

I was able to get some stuff done on Saint October and a few other things while I was away for the July 4th weekend, so perhaps I can finally get that particular project done.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Saint October 22 - Shadows of the Past

Hot on the heels of the previous releases, it's another episode of Saint October, and this one involves a long flashback into the shared histories of Joshua, Kotono, Ash, and Kurtz. It can be hard to watch at times, but it's proof that this silly little show actually does have a lot of heart. But as the screenshot shows, it doesn't forget to make us laugh, as well.

There will be somewhere in the neighborhood of some to a lot of v2s for this release, as I've noticed a number of creeping consistency errors. So if you've noticed things like attacks or terms being phrased differently between episodes, please let me know. I guess that's what happens when you spend too long working on a 26-episode series with subs from ~6 different groups plus your own edits.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saint October 21 - Only You can Conquer the Birds!

Bet you didn't expect this so soon! Saint October begins its run into its final arc with episode 21. Arcana City is descending into chaos, the main villain returns to the scene, and certain bits of information shake our heroes and heroines to the core.

This quick release was made possible by the fact that I'd pretimed eps 21-26 in the past, with the intent to translate them myself. And I actually had translated ~40% of this episode, so part of the task was just rechecking those lines before filling in AoG's lines or edits thereof for the remaining lines. I may try a modified version of this tactic for future releases. Rather than Google-translating Russian timed subs, creating blank duplicates to transcribe the hardsubs "mostly-as-is," retiming, and then re-editing, I may be able to simply retime the auto-translated subs, create blank duplicates, and then type/transcribe edited versions based on what I heard while timing or replaying them as I go... which I currently do while editing anyway. This combined edit/transcribe process might reduce the total time of the two separate steps by 25-50%.

Of course, my real obstacles to fansub progress are caring about real-world news, reading/posting on other anime sites, and playing ancient RTS games, not anything in the fansubbing process itself...

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