Monday, August 24, 2015

My Wife is a High School Girl 01 - ...but not the Student Council President.

Believe it or not, I have been doing some work behind the scenes during some of these months-long breaks between releases. This is one of four shows where I have all episodes timed, and I decided to start releasing it first rather than doing yet another VN adaptation. My Wife is a High School Girl hails from Summer 2005, and is told from the perspective of the titular 17-year-old wife, who's secretly married to her high school physics teacher. If you forget that summary, don't worry, she'll remind you of it not once, but twice in every episode. Indeed, this series features two stories with separate titles in every episode, which is why some database sites list it as having 26 episodes. This release will feature 13 standard-length videos with two episodes apiece, just like the TV-rips did.

Translations for this come from the only complete English subtitled version by the now-defunct hybrid R1DVD-ripping and fansubbing group LIME-Anime. While I was involved with that group for a period of time, that time came after My Wife is a High School Girl was released. The changes I've made to the subs may be a mixed bag to some viewers; while I've labored to fix mistranslations, editing errors, and awkward phrasing, I have also made some localization decisions like Americanizing the English and using context-appropriate translations of Asami's "Danna-sama." I know not everyone will agree with those choices, but I think the good outweighs the bad, and compared to the TV-rips, this version offers better quality and possibly some decensoring. I'll have to dig out or re-download the TV-rips to check.


I understand that there were Blu-Rays released for this series, but as it's a low-res, low-budget 4:3 show from 2005, I have to believe that the BDs are just SD upscales. I don't plan on releasing BD versions at this point, but if you think it's worth 720p, let me know which raw version is better. Or if anyone else wants to remux these subs with BD raws, they're welcome to. (Just be careful when timeshifting -- at least for this episode, these subs are shifted 2 frames forward from where Aegisub says they "should" be, because they were appearing 2 frames early when I muxed them with my DVD raws for testing purposes.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Memories Off #5 - That Escalated Quickly

At long last, I bring you the one-shot Memories Off #5 OVA, which is perhaps more meant as a "game companion" piece than any of the three previous Memories Off OVAs. But this finally brings the franchise to a close with echoes of the Kanata arc of Memories Off 3.5, where a group tries to cope with the loss of a mentor and an estranged girl associated with the male lead. This release is a remux of MangAnime's Portuguese/English release, which does contain some hardsubs in the form of staff credits and OP/ED romaji and kanji. (Portuguese speakers can switch to MangAnime's original subs on tracks 2 and 3, if they wish.) However, you can find a non-credit version of the OP and a non-hardsubbed version of the ED in the extras folder. The main script is an edit of the yu English subs that MangAnime included against AquaStar's translations, with a bit of my own input, of course.

Also included are 7 character-specific music videos and one promo video for the OVA itself. Sadly, it's not just the extras that caused so much delay, as I did have the main script basically done at the end of April. After moving and setting my PC back up, I started having PC issues and an infinite Startup Repair loop. My efforts to fix things were in vain, and I eventually found out that my main hard drive was failing. Fortunately, I didn't lose anything in terms of raws, scripts, or anime files in general (minus some Katawa Crash achievements), although it was a financial setback. Not sure exactly what went wrong, but it could've been some thunderstorm/power surge issues. Turns out it's maybe not a good idea to use a 14-year-old surge protector that I probably bought along with my first PC, which served me from 2000-2005. But with a new, larger HDD, and a new surge protector with battery backup, I should be back in business.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Housekeeping Notice

Since most if not all of the single-episode torrents for my older releases are dead, I've been going through old release posts and changing all the links to reflect the available batch torrents, and also deleting links to dead direct downloads. The single-episode torrents on Nyaa are being hidden and will later be deleted. Pretty much everything older than Saint October and Mizuiro Jidai has been updated this way, aside from Touka Gettan as I still need to get some of those torrents brought under my actual control.

Either way, please use the batch torrents wherever possible, as I'm just one guy and can't keep dozens of single-episode torrents seeded forever. The batches on BakaBT will be a better bet, since they're more likely to remain seeded for a longer period of time. So if you're able to use BBT, I recommend those batches over the public ones on Nyaa.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Memories Off #3.5 04 - Summer Loving, Happened so Fast

In which minor dramas, misunderstandings, and work conflicts are resolved, and lifelong commitments are apparently made. But it seems like Inori has some mental issues that these OVAs don't go into enough detail to cover.

And I had so much momentum with the first three episodes of this OVA, only to let this one sit retimed but unedited for almost two months. Blame various trips for conventions and other things, and also moving. But at least I'm still a basement dweller, so there still shouldn't be too many legitimate real-life obstacles to getting more releases out. Memories Off #5 to follow.

Ep 04 Torrent || 10-bit Batch (Nyaa) || 10-bit Batch (BakaBT?)

EDIT: post title changed; knowing me, I'm sure it was inevitable that I'd accidentally re-use a musical reference somewhere...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Memories Off 3.5 03 - Baby, You're a Firework

This episode begins the "The Time when Prayers are Answered" arc of Memories Off 3.5, and I have to say, it's got a bit less gravity and a bit more Epic Misunderstandings than the previous arc. And does anyone else think that the scene from 15:35 - 17:11 is random and unnecessary? Maybe if I'd played the game and knew who that character was beyond "mauve-haired girl with a sword who appears in the OP", it'd be a different story. And I'll see if she pops up in the last episode; I can't recall since I last actually watched the full series in 2007.

Might've had this out a little sooner if not for the moving calendar signs at 20:25, but since Faith&Flux translated them (albeit not entirely correctly), I held myself to the same standard. I didn't TL/TS a few other signs like the Fireworks Festival fliers, but I felt they were redundant since Inori reads one out loud anyway.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lovely Idol 11v2 and new batch

A while back, a commenter pointed out a missing line in ep 11 of Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol (pictured above), and I took the occasion of the release being offered on BakaBT to finally get off my butt and correct it.

Ep 11 v2 Patch

BakaBT Batch

Nyaa Batch

Monday, January 26, 2015

Memories Off 3.5 02 - I Set Fire to the Rain

In the concluding episode of the "On the Other Side of Memories" arc, the characters attempt to pick up the pieces, mend their relationships, and move on with their lives after the tragic events of episode 01. A love triangle powered by grief can be powerful, indeed. (And did I mention that one of the people I paid tribute to in the Saint October 25 ED dedication died in a motorcycle accident? Fffffff--) Anyway, the next episode begins a different story arc centered around employees of the Cubic Café's rival establishment.

There may be some encoding issues with this file, but I'm not sure how much of the problem is in the source or even how much of it is fixable without destructive filtering, if it's fixable at all.