Friday, October 29, 2010

Touka Gettan 13 - Now with moar Higurashi

Just in time for Halloween, I present episode 13 of Touka Gettan. It was only a matter of time before we had a hot springs episode, except this story features the gang splitting up in true Scooby-Doo fashion and exploring an old abandoned mansion. And the secrets they uncover there are downright disturbing, if you ask me. Oh, and there is some of the usual bathing fanservice, though there still isn't any real nudity to be seen.

Aside from the usual types of changes to the subs, there's one critical line I fixed at about 18:17 that will make the diary/flashback sequence make a lot more sense. Releases may be a little scarce for the next week and a half. I'm staffing at Anime NebrasKon in Omaha, NE next weekend, and I've got several panels to prepare and various other duties to fulfill. If you're going to be there, stop by my "10 Years of Digital Fansubbing" panel and say hi.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ - 05 This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER!!

For the conclusion of the mini-arc dealing with Aoi Matsubara, we have the Ultimate Raw No-Holds-Barred Extreme eXecutor Fighting Tournament. So yeah, a fair chunk of this episode is girls fighting. Surprisingly though, there's no pantyshots or clothing damage. What are the odds? And there's not much going on with other characters either, other than Multi finding things either amazing or scary.

Oh, there's a fair chance of some phail typesetting in this, but at least I made the attempt with \move on some lines instead of just doing \an8.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Touka Gettan 12 - Who let the dog out?

The world of animation has brought us many sad dog stories. There's "Menchi's Great Adventure" in Excel Saga, "Jurassic Bark" from Futurama, and now "Life," episode 12 of Touka Gettan. This is where the backwards structure of Touka Gettan twists an emotional knife into your heart and mine. A mysterious dog who seems to have Kuroko Shirai's powers of teleportation appears... but did the Kamiazumas have a dog in episode 11 or before...?

For some reason I saw some subtitle flashes when I was test-watching this episode, even though the times in Aegisub indicated that the lines in question were linked. But I recently updated several things like Haali Media Splitter (for AMV Hell 5), CCCP 10-10-10, and CoreAVC (so maybe my shitty machine can play 720p once in awhile), so maybe the problem is on my end. Let me know if you observe flashes or other oddities.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ 04 - All the lights on the ground are strawberries

Just when I thought I was done with strawberries after finishing that other show, To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ 04 has to throw this episode at me. It must be nice to be Hiroyuki and have so many rich female friends with vacation houses and plenty of room/food to spare for all the tagalongs like Akari and Shiho. Then again that aspect is not exactly unique among anime characters. Anyway, Aoi and Ayaka have some Extreme Practicing, while Multi goes strawberry-picking and meets a random old guy of no significance whatsoever. And... that's about it, really.

I think I missed a few lines that should've had the "Offscreen" style, but I don't think they're worth doing a v2 over. Unless I can get patches working, anyway.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Touka Gettan 11 - It's a Trap!

In addition to maids and traps, Touka Gettan 11 hits up other fetishes like shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, lolicon, and shotacon to tickle your fancy, as the Toukadai Academy Festival is in full swing. Between the maid cafe, haunted house, host club, talk show filming, doujinshi convention, and tons of food stalls, there's plenty of entertainment to be had for all characters involved. This episode probably has the longest script in the series, thanks to all the signs. Expect lots of lazy \an8 typesetting. Then again, most of the signs weren't translated in the TV-fansub to begin with, so I think I can be cut a little slack.

And over these 2 weeks of no actual releases, I've been working behind-the-scenes on a few things, like Rizelmine transcriptions and scanning the Touka Gettan TV-rips for missing lines and signs. TH~RmM~ 4 just needs to be QCed, so maybe I can have that out later tonight.

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