Monday, October 25, 2010

Touka Gettan 12 - Who let the dog out?

The world of animation has brought us many sad dog stories. There's "Menchi's Great Adventure" in Excel Saga, "Jurassic Bark" from Futurama, and now "Life," episode 12 of Touka Gettan. This is where the backwards structure of Touka Gettan twists an emotional knife into your heart and mine. A mysterious dog who seems to have Kuroko Shirai's powers of teleportation appears... but did the Kamiazumas have a dog in episode 11 or before...?

For some reason I saw some subtitle flashes when I was test-watching this episode, even though the times in Aegisub indicated that the lines in question were linked. But I recently updated several things like Haali Media Splitter (for AMV Hell 5), CCCP 10-10-10, and CoreAVC (so maybe my shitty machine can play 720p once in awhile), so maybe the problem is on my end. Let me know if you observe flashes or other oddities.

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  1. thanks for the episode.

    @anonymous,dvd versions are supposed to be uncensored.

  2. I haven't noticed any major differences between DVD/TV -- the TV version was already quite daring in what it showed. The least I can say is that the DVD version is *not* censored, and there is some Yumiko hadaka apron to be had in this 12th episode...