Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tonagura! 10 - Swimsuit Malfunctions

Summer weather is approaching for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes a beach episode of Tonagura!, replete with swimsuits, girls in those swimsuits, and at least one mishap or argument involving said swimsuits. Also, Kazuki's tsundere act is apparently contagious, as Yuuji manages to get in on the fun near the end of the episode.

Coincidentally, I'll be heading to the beach myself from Wednesday to Monday or Tuesday. Only it's a lake, not an ocean, and there's no beach because we had to put rocks in to stop shore erosion from rising waters. And there won't be any girls in swimsuits either, at least not the kind that won't have me taking a seat over there if I so much as look at them. That aside, I will be without Internet access during that time, though I may be able to work on a few things. I'll also try to get Soul Link 10 out the door before I go.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Link 09 - Why do you want my eggs?

The ninth riveting episode of CFNM fetishism anime Soul Link brings us a gunslinging confrontation between Yuu and Cellaria. Also, Nanami questions the nature of... lots of stuff, Ryouta questions his leadership ability, and nobody in the audience questions why they can't have a younger sister as bratty as Aki.

Until this episode, Soul Link has been a show with very few signs, in fact none outside episode titles and "Next Time." But this episode actually has some onscreen text, which yesy (and I) translated and KnKF did not. Luckily, I don't think there's any other "in-show" signs until the very end of the last episode.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tonagura! 09 - Challengers: They always appear

Episode 9 of Tonagura! introduces some complications to the characters' relationships as we know them. Kazuki has newfound fame and a cadre of admirers, but more troubling to Yuuji is an older man out of her past. Also, I must say that Miu Serizawa (pictured above) is quickly becoming a favorite secondary character. Watch her sparkle, spin, and lay down the law. She may sound similar to a certain pink-haired, sword-wielding Student Council President, or to a leader of a mecha-musume squad that fights WORMS.

As a reminder, those who are curious about my translation and editing choices can extract the script and find various notes and comments within. There was at least one line I wanted to localize further, but didn't because of a visual pun element. And I'm also experimenting with the \q3 tag to produce the line arrangements I want without as many hard line breaks.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

G-On Riders... halp?

So, apparently I have a weakness for Master of Entertainment (M.O.E.) anime. Generally speaking, they're so bad, so cheap, and so trashy, yet I can't help but like them on some level. So in addition to the upcoming Rizelmine, I'd also like to release the show that M.O.E. sandwiched between the two seasons of Rizelmine back in the Summer 2002 season: G-On Riders. It's got Nobuyki Hiyama as a harem lead, aliens, robots, a warrior nun, a warrior androphobic miko, a ninja girl, Rie Kugimiya in a rare evil role... what's not to like, other than everything?

As you know, the TV version of the series was subbed by Mugen back in mid-2002. In addition to the DivX3 video being blocky as hell (more so on non-ancient monitors, i.e. monitors bigger than mine), the subtitles are dreadfully inaccurate in many places.

EDIT: Thanks to ma121hnter, I got eps 4/7/9 through DDLs, thus finishing the set and getting the torrent reseeded. Now all that's left is to transcode them...

Soul Link 08 - Stuck in a Moment

If you've seen AMV Hell 4 but not this series, you now know the source of the above image. We're back on Space Station Aries, where the group is about to gain another yet another uneasy friendship with a mysterious girl. Also, naíve loli is naíve, and Sayaka shows you don't want to mess with her when she's a woman on a mission. And this is to Soul Link's credit; in most other shows, a girl in Sayaka's position would be a gentle, soft-spoken Yamato Nadeshiko type who never raises her voice against anybody, least of all the male lead. But we have to remember that this is the same game company who brought us Shuffle!'s Kaede Fuyou...

It's probably not just me who thinks the quality was off in this episode. Maybe it only being 144 MB with a video bitrate of 622 kbps has something to do with it. See also the shower scene at 20:00, where I can't tell if it's added DVD censorship or just overbrightness/blur obscuring the image. The episode is mostly "talking heads," but not completely. Maybe I should look into HKG's rips or something. As always, I encourage people with the ability to find and encode R2J DVD .isos to use my scripts to create better encodes. There will be a script archive DDL made available after all episodes are released.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tonagura! 08 - It's Time to Duel!

And no doubt the old-timers out there will remember the Sailor Jupiter definition of "talent." Sorry for the delay on this episode; I've been a bit sick lately, though luckily not sick of Tonagura! It's just such a complicated show to work on, due to all the text typesetting and dialogue styling. So between getting sleep and working on Tonagura!, the former sometimes wins out. But I managed to avoid the "LazySign" approach in almost all cases.

At any rate, this episode features a clash of the aquatic titans in a monumental (yet meaningless) swimming race between Kazuki and Hatsune. So while it's not a beach episode, there's certainly no shortage of swimsuit service.

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