Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tonagura! 09 - Challengers: They always appear

Episode 9 of Tonagura! introduces some complications to the characters' relationships as we know them. Kazuki has newfound fame and a cadre of admirers, but more troubling to Yuuji is an older man out of her past. Also, I must say that Miu Serizawa (pictured above) is quickly becoming a favorite secondary character. Watch her sparkle, spin, and lay down the law. She may sound similar to a certain pink-haired, sword-wielding Student Council President, or to a leader of a mecha-musume squad that fights WORMS.

As a reminder, those who are curious about my translation and editing choices can extract the script and find various notes and comments within. There was at least one line I wanted to localize further, but didn't because of a visual pun element. And I'm also experimenting with the \q3 tag to produce the line arrangements I want without as many hard line breaks.

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  1. [/Enter New Love Rival] Yup this is were things go for the worst, too bad Yuuji could not get a better ranking. More misunderstandings to come until episode 11. and then there where 3 episodes left, thanx for the release, JAANA~ d(-_^)