Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soul Link 08 - Stuck in a Moment

If you've seen AMV Hell 4 but not this series, you now know the source of the above image. We're back on Space Station Aries, where the group is about to gain another yet another uneasy friendship with a mysterious girl. Also, naíve loli is naíve, and Sayaka shows you don't want to mess with her when she's a woman on a mission. And this is to Soul Link's credit; in most other shows, a girl in Sayaka's position would be a gentle, soft-spoken Yamato Nadeshiko type who never raises her voice against anybody, least of all the male lead. But we have to remember that this is the same game company who brought us Shuffle!'s Kaede Fuyou...

It's probably not just me who thinks the quality was off in this episode. Maybe it only being 144 MB with a video bitrate of 622 kbps has something to do with it. See also the shower scene at 20:00, where I can't tell if it's added DVD censorship or just overbrightness/blur obscuring the image. The episode is mostly "talking heads," but not completely. Maybe I should look into HKG's rips or something. As always, I encourage people with the ability to find and encode R2J DVD .isos to use my scripts to create better encodes. There will be a script archive DDL made available after all episodes are released.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)


  1. Sorry to bother you but the link to the patch is not dead but the file has been removed or deleted can you please replace it.

  2. Hmm, don't know what happened there. I've replaced the link. Nice to know somebody's actually making use of those patches.

  3. This is the guy from the previous post.

    Thanks for doing that. You've done a wonderful job with your releases anyways so I've downloaded basically everything you have released so far.

    And I also a sucker for MOE animes, they're genuinely funny and enjoyable to watch. Loving Tonagura and Soul link at the moment.

  4. Whoops I was meant to write 'I'm also a sucker for MOE anime' lol, fail by me.

  5. nice another episode ty waiting for the ddl