Monday, August 24, 2015

My Wife is a High School Girl 01 - ...but not the Student Council President.

Believe it or not, I have been doing some work behind the scenes during some of these months-long breaks between releases. This is one of four shows where I have all episodes timed, and I decided to start releasing it first rather than doing yet another VN adaptation. My Wife is a High School Girl hails from Summer 2005, and is told from the perspective of the titular 17-year-old wife, who's secretly married to her high school physics teacher. If you forget that summary, don't worry, she'll remind you of it not once, but twice in every episode. Indeed, this series features two stories with separate titles in every episode, which is why some database sites list it as having 26 episodes. This release will feature 13 standard-length videos with two episodes apiece, just like the TV-rips did.

Translations for this come from the only complete English subtitled version by the now-defunct hybrid R1DVD-ripping and fansubbing group LIME-Anime. While I was involved with that group for a period of time, that time came after My Wife is a High School Girl was released. The changes I've made to the subs may be a mixed bag to some viewers; while I've labored to fix mistranslations, editing errors, and awkward phrasing, I have also made some localization decisions like Americanizing the English and using context-appropriate translations of Asami's "Danna-sama." I know not everyone will agree with those choices, but I think the good outweighs the bad, and compared to the TV-rips, this version offers better quality and possibly some decensoring. I'll have to dig out or re-download the TV-rips to check.


I understand that there were Blu-Rays released for this series, but as it's a low-res, low-budget 4:3 show from 2005, I have to believe that the BDs are just SD upscales. I don't plan on releasing BD versions at this point, but if you think it's worth 720p, let me know which raw version is better. Or if anyone else wants to remux these subs with BD raws, they're welcome to. (Just be careful when timeshifting -- at least for this episode, these subs are shifted 2 frames forward from where Aegisub says they "should" be, because they were appearing 2 frames early when I muxed them with my DVD raws for testing purposes.)