Monday, December 27, 2010

Touka Gettan 18 - Into the Ocean, End it All

(Does anyone else out there think that Touka looked way too cute in that scene? Refer to comment on TT.)

Here we are for Touka Gettan's take on that beloved anime staple, the swimsuit episode. I think it says something about the show that an incident where three shapeshifting butterfly triplets torture their crazy-driving split-personality rival by insta-building a massively tall waterslide system that passes by and through various world landmarks is not the strangest thing that happens in this episode. No, the strangest thing is that I actually did some real typesetting for once. Next up is one of the most plot-important episodes of the entire series. Hopefully I can get it out before 2010 comes to a close.

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P.S. I should be getting a better Internet connection soon, so maybe I'll be able to provide DDLs more often and upload torrents at speeds faster than 30 kB/s.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ 10 - Sad Girls in Snow

Just in time for Christmas, here's the Christmas episode of To Heart ~Remember my Memories. People stand outside in the snow and talk about stuff, I guess. Oh, and there's also considerable focus on lolfang-tan blonde malapropist foreigner girl Lemmy, who knows how to celebrate Christmas American-style.

And due to that snow, episode 10 is a little bigger than the average for this show. Still smaller than average DVD-rips of other series, though.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Touka Gettan 17 - I have bested fruit, spike, and moon!

No, Makoto's not asking about the first time you might think she's asking about. Trust me, you don't want to know. Or do you? If so, then DL Touka Gettan 17, which in addition to "first times" features crazy driving, explosions, car crashes, the true debut (and thus exit) of Kaya the Catgirl, and some helpful cooking tips from Touka.

The subbing of this episode was also marked by more TL notes and silly mistakes (like putting an {\alpha&HFF} in the wrong line, or not timing some preview lines at all) than usual. I'd been thinking, "Is it really worth QCing these releases just to find a half-dozen minor mistakes that nobody's going to notice?", but these errors would've been noticeable. As with all of my scripts, you can find a little more insight to the translation and editing by extracting the .ass file and reading the {notes} or commented lines.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ 09 - Amping up the Angst

Screenshot has little to do with what actually happens in this episode. But I'd thought I'd give Shiho a little feature and show off her investment intelligence. That girl's going places, mark my words. But no, the real focus of episode 9 is (surprisingly) on the central relationship between Hiroyuki and Akari, where the latter calls out the former for preferring a robot girl over a human girl.

This release was mildly delayed by one stupid sign, the cell phone at 07:10. I had actually gone in and typeset it the same way Conclave-Faith had it, with the translation fading in and overlaying the Japanese text. But for some reason, the color of the overlay boxes, which looked fine in Aegisub, didn't render correctly after muxing. After 3 tries, I had to give up and go the lazy route. But I really didn't want to be lazy this time -- you can even look at the script and see the TS commented out.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Touka Gettan 16 - I just saw Haley's comet, she waved

I might've had this out yesterday, if not for freakin' AVG making my PC run so loud that I couldn't sleep, and causing things to break to the point where WinXP wouldn't boot normally. But all that seems resolved for the time being, so I'm able to present Touka Gettan 16. This episode features Nene's younger sister, Kaya, and some backstory on the two of them. (As well as some lovely scenes that range from adorably cute to incredibly hot.) This backstory will make the Yamibou gang's time-traveling in episode 14 make a lot more sense. Or it'll just confirm what you already suspected.

And oh, that Kaya... if there's anything I love more than thigh-highs, it's torn thigh-highs.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ 08 - Robot Roll Call

This episode brings us the first true emotionally-wrenching content in To Heart ~Remember my Memories~. But I've always been a sucker for sad robot-girl stories ever since I saw episode 20 of Love Hina 7 years ago. Additionally, we start to see something of a love triangle between Hiroyuki, Akari, and Multi. Yes, there may be no place for Hiroyuki amdist the interspecies yuri passion between his childhood friend and the robot maid. *checks sankaku* Dang it, why is there no Akari x Multi Rule34 out there?! I am disappoint. Shoutbox denizens, can you come to the rescue??

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Summer of UFOs in the Dead of Winter?

So, the 6-episode OVA Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu is up in my rewatch queue. And thanks to somebody's little prank several years ago, I have access to Lunar's k-timed OP/ED karaoke and timed scripts (signs aside) for five out of the six episodes. So it'd seem almost a crime not to do a softsubbed version with them. And with the AnY-Spork and Ayu releases on my HDD, I have all the translation cross-reference I'd ever need.

That leaves the question of which set of raws to use. There's this set, which appears to have better specs (720x480/h264/mkv/FLAC), but the comments on nyaa indicate that the encode isn't that great. Or there's this other one, which is 640x480/XviD/avi/mp3 but at least nobody's saying outright that it sucks. Then again, set 2 might not be any better quality than the hardsubbed DVD-rips that already exist.

I'm currently DLing an ep of each to compare, but I thought I'd poll the audience on my options:
1) Use Raw Set 1 (better specs but possibly worse encode).
2) Use Raw Set 2 (average specs, might not be a quality improvement beyond the subs).
3) Wait for something better to come along.
4) Pass on the show.

If anyone has the DVD isos and wants to encode them, I'll gladly take them up on that offer. Or if anyone else has a burning desire to release the show, I can hook them up with the subs.