Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summer of UFOs in the Dead of Winter?

So, the 6-episode OVA Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu is up in my rewatch queue. And thanks to somebody's little prank several years ago, I have access to Lunar's k-timed OP/ED karaoke and timed scripts (signs aside) for five out of the six episodes. So it'd seem almost a crime not to do a softsubbed version with them. And with the AnY-Spork and Ayu releases on my HDD, I have all the translation cross-reference I'd ever need.

That leaves the question of which set of raws to use. There's this set, which appears to have better specs (720x480/h264/mkv/FLAC), but the comments on nyaa indicate that the encode isn't that great. Or there's this other one, which is 640x480/XviD/avi/mp3 but at least nobody's saying outright that it sucks. Then again, set 2 might not be any better quality than the hardsubbed DVD-rips that already exist.

I'm currently DLing an ep of each to compare, but I thought I'd poll the audience on my options:
1) Use Raw Set 1 (better specs but possibly worse encode).
2) Use Raw Set 2 (average specs, might not be a quality improvement beyond the subs).
3) Wait for something better to come along.
4) Pass on the show.

If anyone has the DVD isos and wants to encode them, I'll gladly take them up on that offer. Or if anyone else has a burning desire to release the show, I can hook them up with the subs.


  1. Use Raw Set 1 if Raw set 2 isn't any better. I'd love to see a softsubbed version of this.^^

  2. If you can find better raws I think that'd be better. However if you can make something better than what's already been done with what's available I'd be appreciative.

  3. Set 1 is really shitty. Use set 2.