Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saint October 17 - Helicopter Parents Gone Wild

Time to get this project unstalled as well, with the eventful and plot-relevant Saint October 17. Ryouhei finally makes his move on Kotono, but it's not the kind of move that Joshua and Natsuki are fearing.

Torrent || AoG patch

Monday, January 20, 2014

Memories Off 2nd 03 - Love the one you're with?

And at last, we finally have the last episode of Memories Off 2nd, where numerous rainy scenes and emo moments manage to reach a conclusion. From some of the montages that get shown, I get the feeling that a 12-episode anime might've provided a better adaptation of the game, but we take what we can get. I do have the materials to do a 10-bit version of this OVA if there's interest. Let me know if you notice any errors in the current releases.

10-bit Batch (Nyaa) || 10-bit Batch (BakaBT) || 8-bit Batch (Nyaa)

I don't know why I often choose December as a month to finish one anime every day, as there's always tons of stuff going on with family and friends, and it's not cool to let the fansubbing suffer after just getting back from the convention hiatus. I've also had some PC issues here and there -- I got the feeling that my old desktop PC was having overheating/fan issues, so I decided it was finally time to migrate things over to the new PC. And after that, I had a little scare when supposedly-benign temperature monitoring program SpeedFan made the hard drive with almost all my raws temporarily disappear and not be recognized for awhile. Fortunately, it spontaneously re-activated, and none of my scripts were at risk. But I've gone through and backed up a good portion of that material so that a real failure won't completely devastate me.