Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Memories Off #5 - That Escalated Quickly

At long last, I bring you the one-shot Memories Off #5 OVA, which is perhaps more meant as a "game companion" piece than any of the three previous Memories Off OVAs. But this finally brings the franchise to a close with echoes of the Kanata arc of Memories Off 3.5, where a group tries to cope with the loss of a mentor and an estranged girl associated with the male lead. This release is a remux of MangAnime's Portuguese/English release, which does contain some hardsubs in the form of staff credits and OP/ED romaji and kanji. (Portuguese speakers can switch to MangAnime's original subs on tracks 2 and 3, if they wish.) However, you can find a non-credit version of the OP and a non-hardsubbed version of the ED in the extras folder. The main script is an edit of the yu English subs that MangAnime included against AquaStar's translations, with a bit of my own input, of course.

Also included are 7 character-specific music videos and one promo video for the OVA itself. Sadly, it's not just the extras that caused so much delay, as I did have the main script basically done at the end of April. After moving and setting my PC back up, I started having PC issues and an infinite Startup Repair loop. My efforts to fix things were in vain, and I eventually found out that my main hard drive was failing. Fortunately, I didn't lose anything in terms of raws, scripts, or anime files in general (minus some Katawa Crash achievements), although it was a financial setback. Not sure exactly what went wrong, but it could've been some thunderstorm/power surge issues. Turns out it's maybe not a good idea to use a 14-year-old surge protector that I probably bought along with my first PC, which served me from 2000-2005. But with a new, larger HDD, and a new surge protector with battery backup, I should be back in business.