Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lime-Colored Ballad X Cross 01 - A New Era for Harems

So, the title of this post contains the title I would have released this series under, if I were releasing it. But I'm not. Instead, the Winter 2005 sequel series (generally known as Lime-iro Ryuukitan X Cross ~ Koi, Oshiete Kudasai) to Lime-Colored War Tales is being released by the fine folks over at Kiteseekers. Only the first two episodes were ever subbed back in the day, so this has been a long wait for at least some viewers out there. The series stars the same voice actor who played Tonagura!'s Yuuji Kagura as Kyoushirou Inukai, the hot-blooded but somewhat dimwitted commander who takes over as the teacher for a new group of Raimu-controlling girls at Amanohara Girls' Academy. From the glimpses I've seen of later episodes, this series seems to replace the first series' goofy silliness with over-the-top insanity. And of course, there is some fanservice, though apparently nothing on the level of Senkitan's added scenes.

However, the absence of the ReDone tag doesn't mean I'm not involved, as I will be doing translation checking and editing to keep some consistency with the original series, and to make the scripts as good as I can. And the silver lining to the 8-year delay is that we'll be getting high-quality, all-DVD-source h264/.mkv releases, rather than mid-quality warpsharped XviD .avi TV releases with an 8-year gap before anyone manages to put together a DVD version.

Relevant links are at Kiteseekers' site. I probably will not cross-post each of their releases here, so keep an eye on their blog.

(Disclaimer: picture is not from ep 01 or the encode Kiteseekers is using.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lovely Idol 07 - Procrastination Nation

I've finally completed the first release of 2013, Lovely Idol 07. This episode has the girls tailing senior idol Ayumi Shindou around town, while they should be working on content for their make-or-break performance. But something tells me a learning experience is in the cards. Also, note that I've translated an insert song that WinD did not translate.

I didn't mean for December to be such an idle month, but I embarked on a journey to complete a new anime series on every day of the month. And for the most part, I succeeded, ranging from finishing up long-stalled 1-cour series, knocking out some movies and OVAs, and marathoning all of Usagi Drop in a single day. And I've also been doing some IRL work that may finally allow me to afford enough technological toys to bring me into the late 00s.

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