Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rizelmine 11 - The Magnificent Six

No beach episode this time; instead, we get the buildup and journey to establishing a beach episode. Or what would've been the first half of an episode, if these episodes had normal lengths. But the next episode is the end of the first season, and I may do a partial batch for eps 1-12. Let me know if you've seen any mistakes so far.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 11 - Cruel and Unusual Pampering

As the Amanohara draws near to a confrontation with the Russian army at the Lushun fortress, tensions run high and fatigue is mounting. Shintarou seems especially hard-hit, but luckily, the girls are there to comfort him. Kinu puts on a highly interactive puppet show, Asa gives a blisteringly therapeutic massage, Rinzu performs some interpretive dance, Sarasa shows her education in the Kotomi Ichinose School of Violin, and Momen... well, she makes him a special offer he's hard-pressed to refuse.

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New Scenes: None
Enhanced Scene: 10:52 ~ 11:15 -- again, undergarments missing.

Rizelmine 10 - Matchmaking Gone Wrong

In this episode of Rizelmine that features barely any lines from the male lead, Rizel tries to help her best female friend win the heart of resident rich-boy Ryuunosuke Hououin. Part of me can't help seeing that relationship from the cynical/Sankaku view of "all Japanese women are gold diggers." But it doesn't matter here, as Ryuunosuke makes clear which age bracket is relevant to his interests.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I'm not releasing Angel Tales (2001)

This is a response to some comments that started on this post on Jumonji-Giri's blog. I'm going to address a few of these things because Angel Tales (2001) has been requested here as well, and I've denied it because there's already a perfectly good, or at least adequate dual-audio/softsubbed easily-available R1DVD-rip by Exiled-Destiny.

The tl;dr gist of it -- as a re-releaser, it's extremely hard to justify doing a new release when a DVD-quality, 100% softsubbed, professionally-translated release already exists, especially for a marginal-quality and obscure/unpopular show like this.

(bullet points and quotes are from comments by two Anons from 10/4 and 10/5)