Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 11 - Cruel and Unusual Pampering

As the Amanohara draws near to a confrontation with the Russian army at the Lushun fortress, tensions run high and fatigue is mounting. Shintarou seems especially hard-hit, but luckily, the girls are there to comfort him. Kinu puts on a highly interactive puppet show, Asa gives a blisteringly therapeutic massage, Rinzu performs some interpretive dance, Sarasa shows her education in the Kotomi Ichinose School of Violin, and Momen... well, she makes him a special offer he's hard-pressed to refuse.

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New Scenes: None
Enhanced Scene: 10:52 ~ 11:15 -- again, undergarments missing.


  1. I hope yer gonna finish Lime-iro at least. No sense stopping what you've started you know?

  2. Don't worry, it'll be finished. 12 is in the editing phase atm.