About ReDone-Subs:

ReDone-Subs is a (currently) 1-man anime releasing operation that makes use of existing translations to create archival-quality re-releases, by improving on the subtitle, video, and audio quality that was available in earlier releases. The primary focus is on shows from roughly ~1999-2007 whose TV-rips had sub-par translation/editing and were 100% hardsubbed.

Unless otherwise noted, all releases are DVD source, Japanese audio + English subs, .mkv, 100% softsubbed (styled .ass), with standard .mkv chapters. Some releases may have certain elements hardsubbed if no clean raws are available, but I do not actively re-encode to hardsub anything myself.

About Zalis:

Just your run-of-the-mill thirty-something basement-dwelling otaku from the Midwestern USA, with too much time on his hands. Current PC as of November 2013: ASUS Win7 quadcore, 12 GB Ram, 1600x900 LCD display. So I actually can watch and work with HD material now. But I figure there are plenty of other groups that focus on new shows with Blu-Ray releases and easily-accessible subtitles from 100% softsubbed TV-rips, so I still mostly stick to SD shows from roughly 1999-2008.

I do hold an undergraduate degree in Spanish with a minor in English (+an eternally unfinished Master's degree in Spanish), so I know my stuff when it comes to languages. That knowledge helped me start picking up Japanese from anime, and with a little self-study, I began translating in the fansub world. Aside from the "Solo Releases" listed on this site, you may have also seen my translation or editing work in:

Negima! (2005 series) - episode 23 only
Ah! My Buddha -- some episodes from 5-18 [LIME]
Fighting Beauty Wulong ~5-9 [LIME]
Cosmos Pink Shock, Space Family Carlvinson, The Curse of Kazuo Umezu, Locke the Superman (Movie) Queen Millennia (Movie), Superdimensional Romanesque Samy - Missing 99, Love Position The Legend of Halley, Cherry no Manma [BOX]
Maiden Diaries (episode 2 only)
Hatsukoi (2004 H-OVA)
Sugar Sugar Rune (TLC/Edit/Retime for 33-40, TL for 41-51) [Hatsuyuki-SFS]
Pretty Cure Splash Star (re-release of 1-24, original TL of 25-49)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (re-release of 1-24, original TL of 25-49 Princess Lover! (Specials) [polished/mattaku]
Final Approach (Previes & Extra scenes) [J-G]

While I wouldn't call myself a great translator, I do believe I'm in a unique position in the re-releasing scene. Not only am I able to fix TL errors and restore missing dialogue/signs in the subs I work with, I also translate any extra scenes, DVD-only previews, specials, and bonus episodes.

So if you're a re-releaser who needs translation for content that wasn't in the TV-rips on a project, let me know and I'll see what I can do.