Thursday, May 5, 2011

G-On Riders... halp?

So, apparently I have a weakness for Master of Entertainment (M.O.E.) anime. Generally speaking, they're so bad, so cheap, and so trashy, yet I can't help but like them on some level. So in addition to the upcoming Rizelmine, I'd also like to release the show that M.O.E. sandwiched between the two seasons of Rizelmine back in the Summer 2002 season: G-On Riders. It's got Nobuyki Hiyama as a harem lead, aliens, robots, a warrior nun, a warrior androphobic miko, a ninja girl, Rie Kugimiya in a rare evil role... what's not to like, other than everything?

As you know, the TV version of the series was subbed by Mugen back in mid-2002. In addition to the DivX3 video being blocky as hell (more so on non-ancient monitors, i.e. monitors bigger than mine), the subtitles are dreadfully inaccurate in many places.

EDIT: Thanks to ma121hnter, I got eps 4/7/9 through DDLs, thus finishing the set and getting the torrent reseeded. Now all that's left is to transcode them...

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