Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Heart ~RmM~ 04 - All the lights on the ground are strawberries

Just when I thought I was done with strawberries after finishing that other show, To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ 04 has to throw this episode at me. It must be nice to be Hiroyuki and have so many rich female friends with vacation houses and plenty of room/food to spare for all the tagalongs like Akari and Shiho. Then again that aspect is not exactly unique among anime characters. Anyway, Aoi and Ayaka have some Extreme Practicing, while Multi goes strawberry-picking and meets a random old guy of no significance whatsoever. And... that's about it, really.

I think I missed a few lines that should've had the "Offscreen" style, but I don't think they're worth doing a v2 over. Unless I can get patches working, anyway.

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