Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wind ~ A Breath of Heart OVA 1 - Return to the Windy City

Well, we must all soldier on despite the loss of everyone's favorite feline torrent site, but I choose to do so by kicking off the Wind ~ A Breath of Heart OVA. This is basically an alternate adaptation of the game, and does not precede or follow the events of the TV series. Some things are similar, like Makoto and Hinata moving to Kazune City, their meeting the rest of the group, and Makoto and Minamo reuniting. But their mother, Yuuka Okano, is merely missing, rather than deceased, and in addition to the airship, there's also a phantom train carrying a mysterious girl. (Should've used a Phoenix Down, Makoto!) This release uses some old wmv3 DVD raws, which were the only raw source I could find, and translations by Static-Subs, AKA the only group to completely translate the OVA back in 2004.


For older torrent links on this blog, replacing with should work, so please bear with me as I go back and edit them over time.

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