Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saint October 07 - Xtreme Speed Dating Challenge

This episode features one of the most hilarious uses of typical Magical Girl transformation/attack sequences I've ever seen. But leave it to Saint October to always be mixing things up. No, the main story in episode 7 concerns some romantic misunderstandings and a figure from Joshua and Koutarou's past, seen above. On other matters, I attempted to integrate some of the Commie/Underwater "Fansub 2.0" typesetting techniques outline here for signs in this episode. Let me know if I'm doing it wrong, or if there's even any noticeable difference.

Torrent [CRC=F1DC0BEE]

Also, if you're gearing up for the Christmas holidays in the US, I recommend showing support for low-wage/exploited retail workers by NOT shopping tonight or early tomorrow morning. And hopefully there's enough labor unrest and mass chaos at the Mart of Wal to show the President Kurtzes down in Arkansas that they need to change their ways.


  1. i agree dont shop, maybe they wont schedule me next year. Also, thanks for the ep

  2. People work at Wal-Mart because they CHOOSE to do so. They're not "exploited" in any way except that they choose to be exploited. That's their choice. Sucks that you can't choose for them, doesn't it? Clearly they don't know how to run their own lives. They need you and your union goons to decide for them.

    Go and learn something about how unions cripple businesses and destroy the very system that gave them life. Oh, and for extra credit, how many totalitarian regimes began as labor movements?