Monday, November 19, 2012

Lovely Idol 06 - Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double

We're back with Lovely Idol episode 06, where the gang meets up with the "Piccolo" duo from Lovedol Gen-2. But it's no ordinary introduction, as mischief, mayhem, and explosions are the order of the day. And as a special bonus, Shizuku (right, pink hair) is played by the incomparable Rie Kugimiya, in this case closer to her Rizel mode than to Shana/Louise/Aria/etc. Hibiki (left, green hair and "quad-eyes") is played by the lesser-known Akiko Kobayashi; among her few roles is Momo from Shinigami's Ballad. But despite all the wacky hijinx, there might be *gasp* actual plot brewing in the background, and even a cliffhanger.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

As always, I didn't intend for this long of a gap between releases... but as always around this time of year, I've been busy with staffing work for Anime NebrasKon, on top of some real-world "work." I've also been battling some wrist/joint pain that interferes with fansubbing work. Let's just hope it's not carpal tunnel syndrome or whatever, as my sorry non-health-insured self certainly can't afford any surgery. But things should be cleared up for more releases in the next few weeks, both of Saint October/Lovely Idol and possibly a few other things.

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