Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonagura! 06 - Death From Above

So, I'm back from Anime Detour (as of Sunday), and have almost recovered from three days of copious, almost-free alcohol and scarce, expensive sleep. Judging from conversations with another fansubber I happened to run into, I'm apparently famous. So, it's time to add to that fame with another episode of Tonagura!. This time, Kazuki and Yuuji are in a deadlocked, uncommunicative state, while Chihaya and the others attempt to play damage control.

It seems like Chihaya calls Yuuji "Yuu-chin" rather than "Yuuji," which is something that Ryoumi never caught on to. I know I didn't catch it in earlier episodes, so I might go back and fix it at some point. After reading some of the manga, I know there's a few things about the airplane in ep 02 that I got wrong, as well.

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  1. Chihaya-Chan wa Saiko d(>.<), so is Hatsune, thanx for this release,I never also cought atall the fact she uses Chin, but my hearing is questionable LOL XD. ANY WHO... until the next release, JAANA~