Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soul Link 07 - Healing Factor

What do these lovely ladies want Ryouta Aizawa for? You'll have to watch Soul Link 07 to find out. But aside from the answer to that question, you'll also see stuff blowing up, people getting out of maintenance vehicles, people getting into maintenance vehicles, people eating, and a number of revelations about the true nature of the threats faced by our plucky cadets. Finally, a routine supply run has some surprising(ly cute) results.

I swear, there's always those one or two lines per episode that I can't satisfactorily render. I guess it goes with the territory of only being a "pretty good" translator, not a great one.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)


  1. thanks for the episode no ddl this time?

  2. Okay, I finally got a DDL up, after like 6 tries.