Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonagura! Extras Package

Since Tonagura! is almost complete, here's a collection of extras that I'd been holding back from you all. Well, not really -- I waited until I had episode 13 timed, which includes karaoke timing and lyrics editing for the second ED. You will notice that there are 13 OP files, despite there being only one opening song. However, alert viewers who didn't chapterskip the OP in every file will notice that the 13 OPs show off a different variety of Kazuki pantsu in every episode. (Image is from Episode 10.)

Only the two endings and OP 1 have softsubbed karaoke; the rest are raw. And with timing on ep 13 out of the way, that only leaves 1 episode's worth of editing, typesetting, style-checking, and QC to go. Even with some simplifications from the Ryoumi originals, this has been a highly complex project. So if you've spotted any major subtitling errors in previous episodes, now's the time to tell me. That way, I can correct and patch them for the batch. I am aware of a mistimed sign in ep 12, and of several mistakes in ep 02.

Same goes for Soul Link; ep 12 will be coming soon, so let me know about any mistakes you've seen. Although, that show's subtitles were simple enough that I likely caught any significant errors during QC. Or so I hope.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)

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