Monday, July 12, 2010

Touka Gettan 03 - Wincest for the... win?

Back when it aired, this episode raised some eyebrows (among other things) over a few select scenes. But really, that stuff is just business as usual for Touka Gettan. The primary focus of the episode is on the elements that lead into episode 02, ranging from the gravely-important concert preparations to what Momoka has for a latenight snack. And remember, Yurika is the scythe-wielding vampire catgirl; Yuriko is Yumiko's mother. I think Serin mixed up the names a few times, but I can't fault them -- I remember being confused on them myself when I first watched the series. Be patient with my slow upload speed, and enjoy:

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Sidenote: The timing on this show would be so much easier to check if the characters didn't whisper all the time. It's enough to make me appreciate subbing Magical Girl shows all the more. After all, they have so much dialogue consisting of distinctive and yelled power-ups, attack calling, "We'll never give up!!", etc.


  1. Thank you for doing this show! Couldn't locate a good version and it never got licensed in the US. ~P.S. MU always freezes at 5% (my 4th try already).

  2. "No" means "yes". Everyone knows that.