Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Touka Gettan - Special Music Video

I'd been promising you all a special bonus extra for this show, and here it is. This is something that was included with the original set of raws I downloaded, before Seto Otaku provided me with better ones. Specifically, it's a music video with a song sung by Saori Hayami (voice of Momoka), set to video clips from the series. Really a gorgeous song, if you can get into it... in fact, it even sounds downright operatic in a few parts.

Subtitles in this video are original translations. You have your choice of two subtitle tracks, one with English + karaoke'd romaji, and one with just the English. Or you can just switch them off if you just want to listen to the music and watch the video. Which is something that certain parties with radical anti-song agendas tend to forget when dealing with this newfangled "softsubbed karaoke."

Torrent [CRC=6EC520CF]

And now, to start working on episode 26.



    Zalis, please upload on megaupload or depositfiles

    1. That file is in the batch on nyaa, which is still alive: