Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Touka Gettan 25 - X Gonna Give it to Ya

After finally recovering from an anime convention full of scarce sleep, expensive food, and plentiful alcohol, I'm able to present Touka Gettan 25. This episode is of course the "talk show" episode. It takes place after episode 1 chronologically, and contains an irreverent, 4th-wall-breaking retrospective and epilogue of events from the entire series. The other distinguishing feature of this episode is the large quantity of signs. So, so many signs... In fact, ep 25 surpasses the also-sign-heavy ep 11 as the longest and most complicated script in the series, by a margin of 4.1 KB. Some of the more complicated movements could perhaps be better. But, I strove to avoid the "lazy" \an8 route for all but two signs, with frame-by-frame action if necessary.

So enjoy this penultimate episode, and prepare yourselves for the grand finale initiation. Fortunately, 26 is the 4th-shortest script in the series, so it'll go a lot quicker. There may be a special extra release before it, though.

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