Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soul Link - Extras Package

So yes, Touka Gettan 25 is coming along, but all those blasted signs were wearing me down. So I decided to do something random and unexpected, although I'd had these files and some of the translations sitting around for awhile. This torrent contains several extras for the Spring 2006 series Soul Link, many of which have never been available in English.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa) ||

Raw source: SumiSora

Creditless Opening (with softsubbed karaoke based on yesy's translation)
Creditless Ending (same as OP)
DVD Picture Drama Specials 1-3, translated by me. Despite what you might expect, these are just scenes of characters reminiscing about their pasts; there's no ecchi or nudity to be found here.

But the real question, as I've posed in various places, is: should I work on a DVD version of the series itself? Soul Link is in a curious position in that in at least one place, the DVDs appear to be more censored than the broadcast version, as noted by one commenter here. I can confirm that what he says is true. Nonetheless, the DVDs do offer a dramatic overall A/V quality improvement from the TV-rips, and I know I can improve the subs* beyond the mere hardsub -> softsub upgrade. So if you do want a DVD version of Soul Link, make your voice heard.

Either way, this show's status may sit on "Specials Only" on AniDB for awhile, as I have several other series I could start after finishing Touka Gettan, and all of them have more scripts ready to go.

*subs would be from yesy, since (A) that's the TV version I watched, and (B) the other options are KnKF (fail editing) and Your-Mom (unobtainable, even worse fail editing, and jokesubs)


  1. it would be great if you post a comparison between the tv release and the dvd release.

  2. If dvd version is more censored than tv there is no point to sub it I think.

  3. Can you please do the DVD version of the series?
    I am looking for a quality-wise release to archive.

  4. DVD rip of Soul Link please

  5. DVD version, please! The TV rip audio and video quality is just awful.

  6. Please, do Soul Link!

  7. I think a better quality in video and subs is enough reason to do it... Go for it !! ^^

  8. Can you do a DVD version please ^_^ ,better is the video quality, better is ...( dont know how to say in english the rest )

  9. Please do a dvd version of the series.

  10. @exia
    the better the video quality is, the better the show will be.

  11. Is there any blu-ray news for this series? (while hope that it will be uncencored version when released)
    At least shuffle! had get its blu-ray.

  12. I'm not concerned with any censoring I just want a better video and audio quality. DVD version would be nice to have when you have the time.

    I wouldn't make it a priority over any other show(s) you may have that are ready to go.

  13. DVD quality is always a plus...count me in for DVD release

  14. DVD release would be great ;)

  15. Thanks for the specials :D
    and if it's just like basquash where the censoring is reverse then don't do it.

    how many shows out there actually have this reverse censorship?

    I know Hatsukoi Limited had 1 episode where a bathig scene cut off from the dvd & bd.

    Basquash's dvd &bd is said to be less ecchi as than the tv version as well

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