Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul Link Preliminary Post

So, after some deliberation and more work on more episodes, I've decided to release Soul Link. I saw at least one scene where the DVD was less censored than TV (instead of more), so I figure things will sort of balance out. But before I get started, I have a couple questions for you all:

1) Can anyone upload one of the episodes that AnimeUniverse released to a filehost? I'd like to take a look at what they did with the OP/ED lyrics, even though I've already done some editing/corrections to the lyrics myself.

2) As stated previously, the subtitle source will primarily be from yesy. Styling will be similar to Kaze no Koe Fansubs' release. I also pulled down the KnKF release just to get a "second opinion" on TL and editing. One notable difference I've seen so far is that yesy used "Brother" when Ryouta and Aki address their older brothers, while KnKF used "Aniki" and "Nii-san." Which rendering would you rather see in my release, the localized/yesy version, or the unlocalized/KnKF version?


  1. Unlocalized, because it gives you a bigger variety of terms instead of just brother/big brother

  2. Thank you!! (For taking up this work)

    I prefer unlocalized, for much the same reason as stated earlier. Many things in a culture's "mindset" are difficult to translate perfectly to another language. Subtle nuances get lost.

  3. Unlocalized, my good sir! Everyone knows a Brother is for Christmas but a Nii-san is for life!

  4. unlocalized...but the first time its said ...there should be a note at the top (small letters...mostly transparent)

  5. Well, good news everyone, I decided to go with the KnKF-inspired Aniki/Nii-san route. I kind of figured the opinions would slant this way. However, I may still leave in a few "my brother"s in situations where character are talking about their brothers instead of to them.