Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tonagura! 01 - Attempted Raep

So, thanks to the encoding assistance of Kaishakunin, I'm able to get this series off the ground. Tonagura! ("Adjacent Living") is a fun, lighthearted romance/ecchi/comedy series from the summer of 2006. It tells the story of Kazuki Arisaka and her long-lost-love/childhood-friend Yuuji Kagura. When he returns after a 10-year absence, he... betrays her expectations just a bit. Hilarity ensues.

Subtitles for this are from the only group to complete the series, Ryoumi Subs. However, I found their subs to be competent, yet irritatingly literal. So you'll see quite a few changes, like "Kazuki-chan is so cute!" -> "You're so cute, Kazuki-chan!" I've also done different styles for different sorts of dialogue, similar to what Ryoumi had. One area where my release definitely will fall short is the typesetting, as I don't have access to dedicated AFX talent. But you don't want hardsubs anyway, do you?

Anyway, let me know if there are any glaring subtitle mistakes, and how the subtitle font/size/spacing/scaling/etc. work for you, and I might look into changing them. After all, I consider softsubs where you have to change numerous different styles to get what you want to be "effectively hardsubbed."

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)


  1. lmfao... EXACTLY a week ago, I decided to slam Ryo's mp4s on my phone to finish watching this once and for all XD Good pick

  2. can we get the irritatingly literal subs as track 2? we all love it.

  3. Thank you for the DVD edition. I saw this on TV and it was fun.

    Having both subs is not a bad idea.

  4. For several reasons, I'd rather not include the original subs. tl; dr: If you want Ryoumi's subs, watch Ryoumi's release. Sorry :(

    1) It's not entirely feasible -- I already did some rewriting "on the fly" while I was transcribing the scripts. So they won't quite be the same. Then I might change a few things while retiming for the DVD raws. And then, I do an editing/TLC phase, and I can't really separate the two. I don't want to distribute inaccurate translations, even in a secondary track.

    2) I don't believe that "liberal" edits really damage anything. They just make English subtitles read better as English text. It's not like I'm going all R1 on the scripts and cutting honorifics or changing name orders.

    3) As you may know, I don't like literal subs on a personal level -- they kill the enjoyment of shows for me. Think of it as the inverse of ripping groups like KAA, EnterTheBlog, etc. who cut out English audio tracks for the sole reason of "I don't like them."

    4) I have to question whether "we all" love literal subs. If that were really the case, all the BD groups would be taking Bandai's highly-literal Haruhi subs and "fansubbizing" them, instead of using the much-loved, very liberal a.f.k. subs more or less as-is.

  5. i for one like to read what they're saying.
    ex: the character says "Tom, you're going home now?" while people would put it as "you're going home now, Tom?" just don't feel right.
    in your case, "Kazuki-chan is so cute!" -> "You're so cute, Kazuki-chan!", given that the character say "Kazuki-chan" first, you could have just put "Kazuki-chan, you're so cute." dunno why you have to put it at the end if they say it first. they both means the same but puting it first feels right when listening.

  6. Could you provide megaupload or fileserve direct links? Love this series, thanks for working on it.

  7. Yes was waiting for a better version of this in quality, thanx for starting this series. The ending was just funny, from what the main characters chilhood friend thought he was. Well look forward to the next episode (^_^). Also you get what you get, Zalis picked the style he would fix TL to. Some sub groups drop honorery titles and just leave the name or set it as first name first, last name last. It is up to the group or person how they do their version, ANY WHO... JAANA~

  8. Bring on the hardsub!!!

  9. @Anon 03:48 -- the main point of my example was that I would be adding or substituting "you" where appropriate in situations where Ryoumi had only . I'll try to refrain from pointless re-orderings, as long as the English doesn't sound awkward.

    @Anon 05:52 - What I'm going to do is provide the same DDL links Kaishakunin provided me for the encodes, and then xdelta patches so you can add the subs. Assuming the patching works correctly, that's even less DLing for people to do.