Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rizelmine 06 - Why doesn't he have a seat over there?

In the 6th episode of hotwife anime Rizelmine, we encounter one of the first major complications: Ryuunosuke Hououin, who shows far more interest in Rizel than her husband has until this point. And as we've seen in previous episodes, Tomonori's childhood friend Aoi Seimoto has a certain amount of interest in Ryuunosuke. And once again, this is an angle of Rizelmine that I like -- unlike many similar shows, the childhood friend character is not hopelessly competing for the main character's attention against a bevy of robot/dragon/winged/witch/magical/vampire/blood-related/succubus/whatever girls. Of course, she's competing for someone else's attention. But the point is, she has a love interest who's not the main character, thus cutting back the harem vibe a bit.

I will be away and without Internet access until Monday or Tuesday, so I won't be able to do any releases/shoutbox posts until then.

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