Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 07 - There's no Mental Age of Consent

In keeping with ecchi anime traditions, LCWT 07 features a Sudden Girlfriend Appearance. Only instead of a mysterious unknown girl appearing and becoming the guy's girlfriend, it's literally an appearance of a former girlfriend. However, she's no longer the woman he once knew... let's just say she's a little more playful and spontaneous. But that sure doesn't stop the students from feeling a little jealous.

And I have to admit, I like this show's OP. It's driving, it's dramatic, it's sung by the characters' VAs, and its lyrics are relevant to the show, rather than being plucked from the grab-bag of Jpop clich├ęs. (As in "I want to become your sky and grant your dream in this sparkling season.") And I've said it before, but I don't care for re-releases that omit song subs entirely, thus showing that the groups/individuals care more about pushing their anti-song agenda on viewers than about presenting the show as well as possible. That's the beauty of softsubbed karaoke -- if you decide you don't want the song lyrics onscreen for whatever reason, you can turn them off. And I believe in letting the viewers make that decision, rather than deciding for them.

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New Scene: 14:57~16:01 -- I have to say, it's wrong on at least one level.
Enhanced Scenes: None that I know of, but keep in mind I never actually watched the TV-rips.