Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 09 - Formal Wear for Formal War

A random, invented crisis demands a random, invented solution. And on that logic, the ninth episode of Lime-Colored War Tales has our crew stopping in at port and organizing a formal ball. And actually, I wish more of these "female characters go to certain place and dress in certain outfit" episodes did formal dresses, as it's something we don't get to see in anime or real life that much. But I suppose that means more complicated character designs and more involved animation work, compared to the good old standby outfits like school swimsuits.

Anyway, this is another Asa focus episode, despite her non-appearance in the screenshot. As you might expect, her feelings about Lt. Commander Date and her femininity inferiority complex are involved.

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New Scene: 02:56~4:17 (Sea bears foam, sleep bears dreams. Both end in the same way - CRASH!)
Enhanced Scene: 04:39~04:43 (Shintarou's not blocking the view anymore)


  1. Say what you will about the extra material, it makes clear that Shintarou is not the usual "ineffective" male lead in a harem show.

  2. Stupid question: I got the raws from URaws. Can I do the subpatch-thing with the raws I already have?

  3. It will work if the URaws files are the same files I have, which is a possibility. Use RapidCRC to compare the CRC of your files and one of the raws I've linked; if the CRCs match, then the patches will work. Or just test out the patch.

  4. I know you have an explanation/tutorial for attaching the subs to the raws, but it sounds like too much work for simple subs.

    Why not go with subtitle files that can be muxed using mkvmerge?

  5. @ Anon 10/6:

    The patching method ensures consistency. If 500 people download the script and mux it with the raw, they'll wind up with 500 different files with 500 different CRCs. I'd rather everyone had the same files, for the sake of AniDB record-keeping and torrent reseeding health. I do upload the scripts for each show after all episodes are released, for those who want them.

    Believe me, I'd like to do the standard .bat method of patching, but all my attempts to do so have failed.