Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rizelmine 07 - A Bust From the Past

If you think Tomonori's interactions with older women are limited to him lusting after his engaged teacher, you'd be wrong. Here we meet Kyouko Yachigusa, a highschool girl with a thing for younger boys with slightly-ripped shorts. This is also one of the two largest files in the series (other one being 04), due to the grainy-film flashback sequences. Although according to Desbreko, "the whole show is larger than it needs to be thanks to all the DVD compression artifacts." And you know what's really bad? Like many ~24 episode series, Rizelmine was released on 8 volumes with 3 eps per disc for the R2J DVD release. But as you know, it has half-length episodes, meaning those discs had effectively 1.5 episodes apiece. And they still suffer from overcompression. Even on DVD5, there should've been plenty of room to work with, though I don't know what they had in the way of extras. EDIT: I was being too charitable, see comments.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT).


  1. Thanks Zalis for the release!

  2. Not really over-compression — the bitrate on the DVDs is around the max allowed — but rather, bad compression. Whoever authored them did a really piss poor job, which, combined with the crappy animation, makes for some terrible video quality.