Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 06 - These Are Not For Eating

We're almost to the halfway point of Lime-Colored War Tales, and our brave team of battle vixens is goofing off yet again. This time it's a beach / hot springs episode, which manages to conveniently sneak in some recaps. Also, lots of food is consumed, we get a glimpse into the past of some of the villains, and no mecha summoning takes place whatsoever. But if you thought they were being lazy with this episode, wait until you see some of the DVD improvements.

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New Scene: 10:03~10:40 -- short yet brutal; proof that these new scenes aren't all fun and games.
Enhanced Scene: 14:40~22:20, although it's off-and-on. Reduced steam, transparent hot spring water, and a few other changes.


  1. Thanks for the release :)

  2. This screenie is relevant to my interests, I'd better add the series to my hit list.