Friday, August 12, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 05 - Field Trip or Failed Trip?

Well, Asa, it's probably because Lime-Colored War Tales, while busy with bad CG, hokey mecha designs, semi-forced drama, and shameless nudity, still has time to squeeze its characters into anachronistic fetish outfits. The Amanohara class goes on a nature walk, which Shintarou exploits to make Momen feel slightly more competent. She succeeds, but the others are a bit worse for wear. And of course, the enemy is lurking in the skies and the bushes, ready to take advantage of any weakness they perceive.

I'd thought that the lack of added scenes in this episode would spare me from translation work, but I thought wrong. As it turns out, there's an insert song that ANBU-AonE did not translate, so I went a bit "above and beyond" to look up the lyrics and add them in. Don't worry, there's no exploding panties or karaoke effects of any kind, much like the To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ insert karaoke that I did.

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New Scenes: None
Enhanced Scene: 3:55 ~ 05:45 (certain things are missing)

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