Sunday, August 29, 2010

Touka Gettan 06 - Stationery Standoff

This episode of Touka Gettan brings the rivalry between two school factions into sharp focus. On one side, you have Ninomiya, led by a set of triplets whose goal in life is to surpass Naga The Serpent's OHOHOHOHOHO (why not whore ourselves?) laughing technique. On the other side, we have the Lotus Association, led by Shouko Rokujou when she's not busy obsessing over and stalking Makoto. Things come to a head in a Serious Business cooking battle. Astute viewers who remember the Serin subs will probably notice some divergent localization choices in this release. Two come to mind:

1) "Japanese Confectionery" is precisely what my dictionary software gives when looking up "wagashi." As it felt too boring and annoying to type it out every time, I've changed it to "J-Sweets." But it could've been "worse." (Or on some level, "better.") I had originally planned to give people a.f.k. Lucky Star flashbacks by calling them "Japastries," but decided against that.

2) The triplets who lead Ninomiya are referred to as "The Monarchs." I may have used the term in a previous episode, but I don't think I've explained it until now. I chose this term because it conveniently conveys a double meaning for their status as butterflies and their status as authority figures. "Butterfly Triplets" was too wordy and too obvious, while the commonly-used term "Kouchou" is too much Gratuitous Japanese for my tastes.

Fortunately, this episode's original subs didn't suffer from the "Editor and QC went on vacation" syndrome that ep 5 displayed.

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