Friday, August 6, 2010

New ideas and 1 cancellation

So, it seems not a week goes by when I don't come across some older show and think, "Gee, this would be a great idea to work on!" But we all have our limits, so I'm trying to narrow things down a little.

Shows where work has been done, releases imminent:

To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ (2004) | Subs: A-Keep/Conclave&Faith | Raws: Transcoded from Zero-Raws .wmvs
As before, all OCR, basic checking, and karaoke are finished. Bonus eps and extras already released.
Rizelmine (2002) Subs: AIP, reconciled with AC and h-b | Raws: New encode by Sora-no-Shiro
1st 11 scripts transcribed, OP and ED1 karaoke complete.


Pita Ten (2002) -- I found out that the folks at Retrofit were planning to release this show. So I decided to leave it to them, since (1) I was having difficulty with the raws, and (2) HnK's subs don't really need extensive editing or TLC for a good re-release, not in the way that Touka Gettan and Strawberry 100% have. I passed along OP/ED karaoke and scripts for the first two episodes to them, so go there for your Pita Ten fix.


Kakyuusei 2 (2004) | Subs: Lunar | Raws: Random (so-so DivX5 DVD-rips)
Haven't seen this show, but I "somehow" came into possession of the actual English sub scripts awhile back, so it should be an easy release. I may do 2-14 of the 1999 previous TV series as a solo TL project.

Lime-iro Senkitan (2003) | Subs: ANBU-AonE | Raws: transcodes of .wmv DVD-rips (pending transcoding by another individual)
Eps 3-13 of the 2005 sequel series are another possible original TL project, assuming I can get raws.

Magic Users' Club (1996 OVA) & (1999 TV) | Subs: Modified from R1DVD, by way of anime-takeover | Raw: from the "HD Remastered" version that got released in Japan.
I'm hoping to make this a dual-audio release, since the English dub is not too bad for its age. For the subtitles, I'll "fansubize" the R1 subs a bit, with karaoke, honorifics, Japanese name order, and whatever other rewrites I feel like doing. That also involves manually adding all the songs and signs, since they were hardsubbed on the R1 discs.

Futakoi Alternative (2005) | Subs: AnimeYuki | Raws: some shoddy DVD-rips
The DVD raws may suck, but I found the AnY subs in .srt form, so I can't resist such low-hanging fruit.

And again, there's probably a few others I'm forgetting about. If there's anything else you want to request that has DVD raws available and isn't being actively pursued by another group, let me know and I'll look into it.


  1. Futakoi Alternative was going to be my second show (after He is My Master) but the incredibly poor DVD rips is why I did not bother.

    Would be interesting to see if the DVDs were that bad, or if the encoders just sucked. Alas, don't know of any ISOs and hell am I going to buy the Japanese DVDs.

  2. Will you maybe think of doing Comic Party, the R1 just didn't do justice (Looks like crappy 480i) while the R2 had some nice quality :D

  3. Mahou Tsukai Tai's dub is shit. Retaining some grain would be better than adding some shitty dub.

  4. I'm not sure why adding the English audio and retaining grain would be mutually exclusive in this case. Besides, the total size of the English audio across all OVA and TV episodes is around 540 MB, an amount that only matters if you're storing on CD-Rs.

    Though I am surprised that a-t used ~130-160 kbps vorbis, as opposed to the usual 70-90 kbps vorbis/AAC on most old R1 DVD-rips.

  5. Twin Spica [A-F]

    You still intends to re-release this series?