Friday, August 6, 2010

Touka Gettan 04 - The jester stole her thorny crown

So yeah, that hiatus lasted a little longer than I wanted it to. I returned from my family reunion, spent 3 days at home, then went back on the road to see The Protomen and attend Anime Iowa. And at AI, I had a wacky weekend involving lots of alcohol, not much sleep, winning the entire Maison Ikkoku manga in a Jeopardy game, and filling in as a glowstick seller at the rave. Fun times.

But anyway, I'm finally back with episode 4 of Touka Gettan. Various evil forces are afoot, trying to control Sei, Momoka, Touka, and the Stone Sword. Has Touka lost it? Does he know he can kill? Plus, Momoka Kawakabe attracts no small amount of attention by appearing in a rather saucy torn-clothes ensemble, exposing some quite appealing waki, oppai, and pantsu. The scenes in question can be inspected via the download link below:

Torrent: [E4D93368] || DDL

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  1. Just wondering but are you going to put up a DDL for this ep?